Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Venus, the Planet... Inhabited???

Hey Paranormal Lovers, since at this point, I am still unable to write Volcano's Weekly Angelic Forecast, I thought a bit of ON THE FRINGE info would be welcome. For a long time now, I have believed that Venus is INHABITED, and not at all how NASA describes the planet. I have no proof, only my own intuitive sensibilities. As an erotic romance author, I have included references to this in my books, as in a reference to Jimi Hendrix now playing his magical blues rock music on the planet Venus.
Further, I wrote a short futuristic romance story for a contest, probably ten years ago, where the hero and the villain were from the planet Venus. That manuscript titled, QUEEN, AND MY CAPTIVE, was set in the year 2016. If I had the extra time, I'd revise and publish it... but... unfortunately life doesn't play by my rules of love and light... Blessed Be, to All of You. 

Video: Anomaly Hunter Finds Buildings on Venus?

 April 26, 2016 

A space anomaly researcher from Spain believes he has discovered a myriad of artificial structures on the surface of Venus! 

In an intriguing video, Jose Espina of the website Mundo Desconocido used mapping images from NASA's Magellan Probe to highlight a number of areas on Venus which look suspiciously like buildings or cities. 

Espina actually went so far as to created 3D renderings of these purported structures which are breathtaking when seen from that perspective. 

The sheer number of areas showcased in the video is a testament to the exhaustive searching done by Espina and a tantalizing glimpse of what may be a vast amount of anomalies to be found on the planet. 

Unfortunately, the lengthy video is entirely in Spanish, so English speakers are left to observe the pictures, which speak for themselves, and make their own determination about what they are seeing. 

Regardless of the veracity of the alleged structures, Espina's video is a revelation, of sorts, when it comes to the space anomaly hunting community. 

His work indicates that searching NASA images for secrets hiding in plain sight is not merely an American phenomenon. 

Additionally, it's a strong indication that the space agency's data may contain other oddities waiting to be found on planets heretofore overlooked by researchers. 

Perhaps Espina's video will serve as the start of a Venusian renaissance for paranormal researchers and lead to a downturn in searching for anomalies on Mars. 

We're sure the Martians wouldn't mind. 

Source: Daily Mail

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