Monday, December 14, 2015

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ December 14, 2015

Angel Fantasy Art ~ Josephine Wall

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #380   

Bombshells of TRUTH Blast Humanity ... Now the Global Elite Uncloak Like An Attacking Klingon Ship ... Meanwhile, Land Changes Shake the Planet 

As Well, the Massive Tidal Wave of Sheeple Insanity Threatens To Wash Away the Good, the Innocent ... However the Divine Intervenes In Miraculous Ways 

On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' spin like cosmic cyclones. Their lightblades slice away the shroud of evil covering the degenerate *Caligula-lifestyle* of the dark-siders, who currently rule the world behind the scenes. 

These Viper elite believe that the 'perversion-inversion' of ALL THAT IS GOOD, is the path to ultimate power. However, this path is only THE DESTROYER'S way. 

For, in the end, their evil power is only about the destruction of themselves and all of us. Real ultimate power is LIFE itself. Life-affirming thought and action for ourselves and everyone else, is the true power of humanity, of each and every one of us. 

On the personal front, this week is not only about reflection concerning your life and recent actions, it is also about looking for your inner strength. For, the times are upon us where such spiritual and ancestral strength will be needed, required to keep going – to do what is right to do. For ALL. 

During 2016, most likely everything you've known culturally, and loved about your culture, will be under attack at some level. Now 'politically correct-incorrect' will be both drip-drip-drip and 'fire-hose' forced on you, and the community you live in. This by the dark-side controllers of society. 

On the paranormal front, Inner-Earth Civilizations and Interstellar Civilizations... Will They Reveal Their Presence? 

BLURB: "Inner-Earth Civilizations May Soon Reveal Themselves! ~ December 09, 2015
Author and researcher David Wilcock told C2C that an alliance of ancient civilizations currently residing inside the Earth may be soon reveal themselves to the world. 
During the formation of all watery planets in the universe, he explained, hollow cavities form below the surface of the crust and have their own biome that features bacteria which gives off natural light. 
"What this means is that you can actually live inside caverns in the Earth that have visible light," he marveled. 
Based on his research, Wilcock said, "it appears that these cavities are used so that more advanced civilizations have a place they can live while they're managing what takes place on the surface." 
Over the span of the planet's history, he said, various advanced societies, such as the Atlanteans, took refuge underground in order to survive tumultuous times and ultimately settled in their new subterranean location. 
While the presence of these civilizations has been a part of UFO lore for decades, he contended that the government has direct knowledge of their presence due to accidentally discovering them via clandestine projects aimed at building secret underground bases. 
"They'll have these tunnel boring machines and sometimes they break through into someplace they're not supposed to go," Wilcock claimed, "and there's already people there." 
Citing the testimony of contactee Corey Goode, Wilcock revealed that the tenuous relationship between the Inner Earth people and those with knowledge of their existence has recently become fractured. 
"This military industrial complex had formerly worked with these people and had treaties with them and is now trying to kill them." 
As such, these Inner Earth societies have come together in response to the emerging threat and have turned to interstellar entities in the hopes of gaining help in the fight against the forces trying to destroy them. 
According to Wilcock, a long sought after meeting between the two groups was finally held and Goode was allowed to observe the exchange. The strange summit resulted in a stunning request from the interstellar entities. 
"The Inner Earth people came out of it quite shell-shocked," Wilcock said, "they have been asked to reveal themselves to us as part of disclosure." 
Should the subterranean societies comply with the request, he mused, "I think we are going to find out that underground bases are much more extensive than we thought and much more ancient." 

On the SECRET SPACE PROGRAM/BREAKAWAY CIVILIZATION front, ARTICLE: "Brit Who Hacked NASA ‘Found Evidence Of Warships In Space’" 


On the UFO front, ARTICLE: "Police 911 Thousands Of Calls! Florida Mass UFO Explosion!? [WTF] UFO Sightings 12/12/2015
CONTRIBUTOR: The Liberator. ...Houston, we have a good one here?! POLICE 911 Thousands OF Calls! FLORIDA UFO EXPLOSION!? WHAT THE HECK?? UFO..." 

Article: "NASA Engineer: The Billy Meier UFO Case Is Real CONTRIBUTOR: Paranormal Stories. Matthew Wieczkiewicz, a career aerospace engineer, has publicly endorsed the authenticity of the Billy Meier UFO case, ongoing in Switzerland for over 72 years. "I first encountered the Billy Meier case when I was studying aviation at ASU, in 1978. I was also interested in the UFO phenomenon, and when..." 

On the TO THE MOON AND BACK, THE CONSPIRACY RAGES front, BLURB: "Kubrick & Faked Moon Footage ~ Date: Friday - December 11, 2015 ~ Host: Jimmy Church ~ Guests: Jay Weidner 
...Jimmy Church ... was joined for all four hours by author and hermetic scholar, Jay Weidner, for a discussion on the release of an alleged interview from March 1999 with filmmaker Stanley Kubrick in which he admits to faking the Apollo 11 moon landing footage. Titled Shooting Stanley Kubrick, the film purports to have been shot in secret by someone named T. Patrick Murray, who is shown signing an 88-page NDA to keep the contents of the interview under wraps for 15 years before speaking with the famous director about his involvement in faking the moon footage. Weidner's work, which supports this premise, is prominently referenced during the interview. 
"It's an attempt, in a backhanded way, to discredit my work, to make all the people that are working on this kind of thing look like fools," Weidner said, noting how the interview footage is obviously fraudulent. He expressed confusion over why someone would release this video and simultaneously put out other footage demonstrating it was a hoax, especially after going through the trouble of finding a Kubrick look-alike and training him to speak like the deceased director. Weidner suggested the interview may be part of a disinformation campaign to chip away at the idea that Kubrick directed the moon landing. It may have hit a nerve with the body politic, he added. 
Weidner wondered if the interview could be part of a publicity campaign for upcoming movie Moonwalkers, a comedy about staging the moon landing. He called for T. Patrick Murray (or whomever is really behind the video) to cease with the bogus interviews, which only serve to undermine legitimate research into the truth about the hoaxed Apollo moon footage. Weidner also revealed how Kubrick left hints in his films about his role in faking the moon landing. It is especially obvious in The Shining, he said. "Every time that Kubrick deviates from the Stephen King novel, he's relaying information... about what happened to him while he was shooting the Apollo 11 footage," Weidner explained. 


More than a century ago, a secret society discovered a cave hidden deep beneath the Earth’s surface. Inside the cave were several ancient giants, alive but in a state of suspended animation. We might think we know the truth about Earth’s ancient history but it isn’t so. Whistleblower Corey Goode claims to have spent 20 years enrolled in secret space programs and covert government operations. During this period, he witnessed a multitude of extremely bizarre events and visited places we never even knew existed. One of the most interesting of them was an underground chamber where ancient giants were being kept in suspended animation, since times immemorial. According to Goode, the chamber was constructed by the Ancient Builder Race, and the hibernating giants were the last of their kind. Several of these giants were kept inside crystal pods, in a deathlike state. But they were not dead." 

On the MARS front, Article: "CLAIMS of life on Mars have been boosted after the discovery of a ‘clam-like shell’ in NASA images beamed back from the Red Planet. By JON AUSTIN
PUBLISHED: 08:24, Thu, Dec 10, 2015 PICTURED: Huge 'clam shell' found on Mars triggers claims Red Planet could house LIFE" 

On the *past revealing itself* front, ARTICLE: "Is Stonehenge a Second-Hand Monument? ~ Thursday, December 10, 2015
The construction of the megalithic monument at Stonehenge has long been explained as has having been built in numerous stages, spanning a period between 8,000 and 1,600 BCE. The structure of the site has seen various upgrades over the ages, from it's beginnings as a series of pine markers, to the multi-ton bluestones that are visible today. However, archaeologists have recently uncovered evidence that the stones used there may have been taken from an earlier monument, closer to the stones' origin in Wales." 

On the DINO front, ARTICLE: "Unfossilized Blood Vessels Found in 80 Million Year-Old Dinosaur Bones ~ Friday, December 11, 2015
In recent years, paleontologists have been breaking new ground in what would have been previously considered an impossible source of information in their field: that of soft tissue, recovered from otherwise ancient dinosaur fossils. As this new field of study expands, researchers have announced the discovery of intact blood vessels in a dinosaur fossil, and at 80 million years old, it is the oldest find of it's kind." 

On the PLANET X AND SUPER EARTH, WHAT IS TRUE? front, ARTICLE: "Scientists claimed they found elusive ‘Planet X,’ Doubting astronomers are in an uproar
Washington Post | It’s a big, dark presence at the farthest reaches of our solar system." 

ARTICLE: "Is there a Super Earth on the edge of our solar system? ~ Saturday, December 12, 2015
Controversial study says there may be a mega-planet orbiting our sun.  — Mail Online" 

On the land changes front, A Difficult Time Ahead For Many Regions On Earth As Superstorms Hit, Earthquakes Split the Earth, Volcanoes Blow Their Tops, and Windstorms Shriek At Superspeeds... Also, Both Flooding and Desertification  Will Increase During 2016 

HEADLINE: "Oklahoma reports surge in earthquakes during 2015 As 2015 nears its end, 850 earthquakes of magnitude three or greater have stirred the state of Oklahoma. Compared to 584 of the same magnitude in 2014 and 109 in 2013, the trend is clear"  


HEADLINE: "Very strong and shallow M7.1 earthquake hits Banda Sea, Indonesia" 

ARTICLE: "Giant column of gas erupts out of Mexico’s Colima volcano; authorities warn of falling ash" 

ARTICLE: "Weekly Wrap-Up: Tornado Destroys Dozens of Homes in Battle Ground, Washington
Frequent storms brought heavy rain, damaging winds, mudslides and severe weather to the northwestern United States this week, while powerful Storm Desmond wreaked havoc across portions of the U.K. and Ireland." 

ARTICLE: "Thousands are left without power after ferocious storms and flooding hit Pacific Northwest" 

ARTICLE: "Massive storm blasts Alaska's Adak Island with 122 mph winds" 

ARTICLE: "High winds -- including 141 mph on Mount Hood -- easing now, but expected again Tuesday" 

HEADLINE: "750,000 people evacuated from the path of deadly typhoon Melor (Nona) as it pulls the trigger on the Philippines" 

WATCH: Storm Desmond's Fierce Winds Reverse Flow of Waterfall in Faroe Islands
Storm Desmond displayed its ferocious wind strength in the Faroe Islands over the weekend before lashing the United Kingdom and Ireland. 

ARTICLE: "'200-year flood' - Southern Norway immersed in heavy flooding" 

ARTICLE: "40,000 acres of seagrass dead or dying in the Florida Everglades National Park: Drought and high temperatures blamed!" 

ARTICLE: "El Nino phenomenon unleashes its fury: Millions of families at risk of starvation and cattle perishing in a frightening drought: Pilot's too scared to land aircraft on blazing asphalt: Zimbabwe experiencing the highest temperatures in 60 years"

On the WEATHER WAR AGAINST CALIFORNIA front, The Globalists Are Planning to Evacuate California
CONTRIBUTOR: common sense. California then... California now… Yesterday, on The Common Sense Show, we interviewed Paul Preston of Agenda 21 Radio. Paul nonchalantly stated that the globalists created the catastrophic drought in...  

On the AWAKENING front, The Great Genetic Awakening Is Quickening Among the Human Population 

This means, in part, many will be in touch with ancestral genes that are thought to be inactive. These are the goddess/god genes of ancient, ancient times. How this will play out will be varied and tremendously dramatic. 

However, this is not an overnight process, and will be ongoing for the next ten years. Most important, is to pay close attention to yourself, to the changes you will be experiencing. Or, KNOW THYSELF. 

On the BATTLE AGAINST THE POLICE STATE front, PARODY ARTICLE: "The Only Thing We have to Fear...Is the Government: Air raid sirens wail, are you listening…in the lane, tanks are glistening…a frightening sight, we’re paranoid tonight, walking in a police state wonderland!'" 

On the economic front, The *Great Middle Class* As It Was Once Called Is Now Gone With the Treacherous Winds ... Look For Bank Failures This Coming Year

ARTICLE: "Initial Jobless Claims Suddenly Surge To 5-Month Highs: weak surveys, mass layoffs, and poor outlooks appear to have finally rippled through the government's data and sparked a significant rise in initial jobless claims. Up 13k to 282k, highest since july 

ARTICLE: "The U.S. Stock Market Is Rotting from the Inside | Casey Research"

ARTICLE: "Who’s Profiting From $1.2 Trillion of Federal Student Loans?
Bloomberg | The mountain of debt, for which taxpayers are on the hook, has provided a stream of revenue to companies at every stage of the process." 

ARTICLE: "20 Super Wealthy Individuals Have More Money Than The Poorest 152 Million Americans Combined
Michael Snyder | Do we need any more evidence before we will finally admit that the middle class in America is being systematically destroyed?"  

ARTICLE: "Sayonara Middle Class: 22 Stunning Pieces Of Evidence That Show The Middle Class In America Is Dying
Michael Snyder | Over the years, the middle class in America has been in steady decline." 

ARTICLE: "The Middle Class in America has just become a minority: For the first time in over 50 years low-income and high-income Americans outnumber the middle class." 

ARTICLE: "Pew Study: Middle Class Declining, No Longer Majority
Breitbart | Pew found that the “share of American adults living in middle-income households has fallen from 61% in 1971 to 50% in 2015." 

ARTICLE: "Peter Schiff Warns: “The Whole Economy Has Imploded… Collapse Is Coming”
Mac Slavo | Back before 2008 Peter Schiff was harshly criticized and laughed at for his predictions about a coming economic collapse." 

ARTICLE: "Running on financial fumes, the Obama Administration now planning on confiscating retirement accounts and pensions across the nation 
NaturalNews) Strapped for cash and eager to expand social entitlement programs and government dependency, President Obama is proposing to generate hundreds of billions of dollars in new revenues for the government by taxing, of all things, your retirement.
For the past couple of years, some analysts and administration watchers have predicted that the Obama Administration would eventually make such proposals, given its propensity to produce trillion-dollar budget deficits. And now, it seems, those predictions may be about to come true. 

ARTICLE: "Plunging oil prices drag down Wall Street
Reuters | Brent crude prices fell to their lowest in nearly seven years." 

ARTICLE: "China and Japan Just Dumped Billions of Dollars
The Daily Sheeple | Over the past few years the dollar has staged an impressive comeback." 

On the WORLDWIDE ECONOMY front, ARTICLE: "It Begins: Desperate Finland Set To Unleash Helicopter Money Drop To All Citizens
Zero Hedge | It appears that Australia’s largest investment bank’s forecast that money-drops were 12-18 months away was too conservative." 

On the truth front, Now Unraveling: DECEPTION INSIDE DECEPTION INSIDE DECEPTION... The Factional Infighting of the Breakaway Civilization Is Being Exposed ... Or, GOOD versus Evil Duke It Out In the Skies Above 

The ugly brutal side of TRUTH that is happening worldwide must be faced by humankind, in order, to move toward the renaissance-paradise that 'could be' the Aquarian Age. 

On the war front, Huge Changes On the War Front During the Last Days of December... The Russian Bear Roars and Strikes His Enemies... Meanwhile, the P*ssy Sells US Into Servitude 

ARTICLE: "Putin Invites UK To Analyze Black Box Of Downed Jet – Says It Will Expose Turkey For Attacking Them 


ARTICLE: "Putin Orders Military To 'Immediately Destroy’ Any Threat To Russian Forces: Putin also warned against 'those who will again try to organize any provocations against our servicemen." 

ARTICLE: "ISIS smuggles majority of oil through Turkey, says Iraqi PM amid ‘sovereignty violation’ rift
RT | Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi accused its neighbor of being a hub for the “majority” of illegal oil smuggling operations by ISIS terrorists." 

ARTICLE: "US Targets Syrian Military
Kurt Nimmo | Real target in Syria is Bashar al-Assad, not the Islamic State." 

ARTICLE: "Why Is Nobody Investigating The Russian Air Force Plane Over California and Nevada?
Jeremiah Johnson - As initially reported by Gary Franchi, reporter for N3 the Next News Network, a Russian Air Force jet (a Tupolev Tu-154 M) with a registration with the Russian Air Force (RA 85655) apparently flew in an erratic pattern over U.S. airspace over the weekend, both in California and Nevada. The aircraft varied in flight altitude from 4,500 feet to 10,000 feet, at approximately 445 km/hr. The aircraft flew over San Diego on a 60 degree bearing, then doglegged back and returned again to the original heading but in a zigzag pattern, going around Sacramento. Other “tourist sights” seen in the flight were Edwards AF base, China Lake, a part of Area 51, San Diego’s naval base, the USMC’s 29 Palms, the National Training Center at Ft. Irwin, Las Vegas, and the Hoover Dam. The flight of the aircraft was tracked on YouTube by several observers, and the film was visible on, @ CivMilAir.

On the WAR COLONIZATION OF AFRICA front, ARTICLE: "AFRICOM’s Secret Empire: US Military Turns Africa Into ‘Laboratory’ Of Modern Warfare" 

On the CONGLOMERATES ARE SCREWING THE US MILITARY TO HELL AND BACK front, ARTICLE: "US Navy’s newest ship breaks down 20 days after commissioning, towed to emergency repair' Reporting of a complete loss of propulsion on USS Milwaukee (LCS 5) is deeply alarming, particularly given this ship was commissioned just 20 days ago" 

MEANWHILE... ARTICLE: "Russian Warships Equipped With Kalibr (LONG RANGE) Missiles Join Black Sea Fleet" 

On the *invasion of Europe* front, ARTICLE: "German police: – Up to a million weapons brought into the EU | German police say that up to a million weapons have been brought into the EU along with the influx of migrants, reports German media."

On the ANOTHER PLANT EXPLOSION IN CHINA front, ARTICLE: "Another plant explosion rocks Jilin City China ~ Wednesday, 9 December 2015
The incident began just before 8 p.m. local time on Wednesday when an explosion occurred at the plant, after which large flames were seen shooting from the complex.
Videos and photos from the scene showed large plumes of smoke and an orange glow light up the night sky.
Dozens of fire engines and ambulances are at the scene, but there was no immediate word on casualties from authorities." 

On the SLAVE TRADE front, ARTICLE: "German TV channel films ISIL slave trade in Turkey" 

On the *now your daughters, along with your sons, can be cannon fodder too* front, Pentagon to Confer with Justice on Having Women Register for the Draft
Hope Hodge Seck - A new legal analysis released by the Defense Department finds "the landscape … has changed" since a 1981 Supreme Court case ruled that women could be excluded from registering for the draft. The gradual opening of combat positions to female troops, culminating in Defense Secretary Ash Carter's Dec. 3 announcement that all military jobs would open to women, changes the factual context of the male-only draft, the two-page analysis found. Currently, only male United States residents between ages 18 and 26 are required to register for the military draft. The 1981 case Rostker v. Goldberg found the male-only draft to be constitutional because women were excluded from combat by law and policy." 

On the energy front, Transcendent Cosmic Energies Now Increase Magnificently ... This Means a Super Luminal Intelligence For Those Who Are AWAKE and AWARE 

Heart, Soul, Mind, Spirit ... We all expand to embrace our cosmic heritage, our Divine nature.  

On the *new world order criminal, the tax-enslavement of humanity* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Nearly 200 Nations Adopt 1st Global Climate Change Pact
AP | The “Paris agreement” aims to keep global temperatures from rising another degree Celsius (1.8 Fahrenheit) between now and 2100." 

MEANWHILE... ARTICLE: "Obama’s Trip To The UN ‘Global Warming’ Summit Emits More CO2 Than Driving 72 Cars For A Year" 


COMMENTARY: "Gun Confiscation ALWAYS Precedes Genocide, Will You Follow Hitler and Obama, or Jefferson?" by Dave Hodges ~ December 12, 2015 

ARTICLE: "A Needle in a Haystack: The San Bernardino killings — like those in Newtown, Connecticut; at Virginia Tech; in Roseburg, Oregon; and in Paris — occurred on or near government property where lawful guns were banned."

On the FORFEITURE front, ARTICLE: "New Mexico Legislators Sue City For Refusing To Follow New Asset Forfeiture Law ~ Techdirt - Earlier this year, the state of New Mexico passed one of the most solid pieces of asset forfeiture reform legislation in the country. All it asked for was what most people would consider to be common sense: if the government is going to seize assets, the least it could do in return is tie the seizure to a conviction. Now, the state is finding out that bad habits are hard to break. CJ Ciaramella reports that the government is going after another part of the government for its refusal to stop taking stuff without securing a conviction." 

On the FORGET ABOUT IT, YOU DON'T HAVE THE RIGHT TO TRAVEL front, ARTICLE: "No passports for US citizens who haven’t paid taxes or don’t have a Social Security number
Buried in the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act (”FAST Act”) signed into law last week is an unrelated rider to provide for revocation of the passport and/or refusal to issue a passport to anyone against whom the IRS has assessed a lien or levy for $50,000 or more in tax debt, or who doesn’t provide a valid Social Security number.
Since a change in Federal regulations in 2009 eliminated the last exception for crossing land borders to or from Canada and Mexico, it is a violation of Federal law “for any citizen of the United States to depart from or enter, or attempt to depart from or enter, the United States unless he bears a valid United States passport.”
This requirement for a passport can be “waived” at the “discretion” of the Department of State. But there is no right to a waiver, no formal procedures or standards for requesting such a waiver, and no apparent mechanism for judicial review of denial of a waiver.
So denying or revoking a US passport amounts to closing the US borders to that US citizen.
It’s not clear at whom, or at what conduct, this new provision in US law is directed." 

ARTICLE: "Will the IRS Take Your Passport?
Ron Paul | Congress is giving the IRS this new power because a decline in gas tax receipts has bankrupted the federal highway trust fund." 

On the *super surveillance state* front, ARTICLE: "Homeland Security Plane Scooping Up Phone Calls Over San Bernardino
UK Daily Mail | The Department of Homeland Security is said to have put up the single engine craft over the California city and ordered it to make repeated circles overhead." 

ARTICLE: "Microsoft: Windows 10 Reports on Users; Can't Be Stopped 
The New American - In late October, PCWorld reported that Microsoft Corporate Vice President Joe Belfiore admitted that it is not possible to turn off all those surveillance settings. They are part of the operating system and that is that. "In the case of knowing that our system that we've created is crashing, or is having serious performance problems, we view that as so helpful to the ecosystem, and so not an issue of personal privacy, that today, we collect that data so that we make that experience better for everyone," he said. He went on to assert that the surveillance settings that cannot be turned off are not about privacy, saying, "In the cases where we've not provided options, we feel that those things have to do with the health of the system, and are not personal information or are not related to privacy." That rings a little hollow after reading those sections of the The Microsoft Privacy Policy that allow Microsoft to scan the entire contents of users' hard drives and capture keystrokes while monitoring web traffic and reading e-mails." 

On the *tech-tyranny knife cuts both ways* front, ARTICLE: "Hit and Run Driver Arrested After Her Car Calls Police
Michael Krieger | As technology generally continues to advance, one thing you can be sure of is the criminal justice system’s use of innovative new “tools” will grow exponentially." 

On the *Nazi-Communism* front, ARTICLE: "This New Bill Would Require Background Checks On All Parents CONTRIBUTOR: Off The Grid News. All parents of children in public and private schools would have to undergo social services background checks when enrolling their kids in school in Ohio under..." 

On the TERROR AGAINST AMERICANS, INNOCENTS ARE BEING PERSECUTED BY GOV AGENCIES front, Article: "OUTRAGE: Bureau of Land Management goes after Bundy Ranch neighbors, charging them under an anti-terrorism law for burning a brush fire
Sunday, December 13, 2015 by: Julie Wilson staff writer 
NaturalNews) It's been nearly two years since the federal government used the Bureau of Land Management to try and force rancher Cliven Bundy off his ancestors' spread of land in Nevada, located just north of Las Vegas. The dispute between Bundy and the feds began more than 20 years ago when the BLM tried to strip him of "land-use rights his family spent a century earning," reported the Las Vegas Sun in Sept. 2013."

ARTICLE: "Globalists Steal the Child of An Anti-Agenda 21 Activist
CONTRIBUTOR: common sense. Stacy Lynne had her son Jaden taken for daring to oppose Agenda 21 in Fort Collins, CO. Despite never having her parental rights severed, she has not seen her son in nearly three years. In this episode of Red List News, Jim and Dave both report on..."  

On the *terror* front, ARTICLE: "Trust in Government to Protect Against Terrorism at New Low
Gallup | A new low of 55%." 

ARTICLE: "Now There’s Video: Jimmy Carter Bans Iranian Immigrants from US, Deported Students During Hostage Crisis
Gateway Pundit | A picture is worth a thousand…" 

ARTICLE: "Report: Obama Told NSC And FBI To ‘Downplay’ Terrorist Angle Of San Bernardino
Daily Caller | FBI reluctance could have been due to external pressure from the White House." 

ARTICLE: "Warnings Of 25 To 50 US Cities In Possible Danger Of Series Of Coordinated ISIS Attacks On Upcoming 'Day Of Wrath' In America" 

ARTICLE: "Whistleblower: Feds Shut Down Terror Investigation That Could Have Prevented San Bernardino Attack
Daily Caller | Because the federal government did not want to profile Islamic groups." 

ARTICLE: "Poll: Concern about terrorism at post-9/11 levels
The Hill | Nearly eight in 10 Americans — 79 percent — say a terrorist attack is “very or somewhat likely in the next few months.”

ARTICLE: "Triple terror: up to 60 killed, 80 wounded, 3 car bombs explode in Syrian Christian town
RT | The blasts struck near a Kurdish militia forces field hospital." 

ARTICLE: "Leading US Imam and Professor: Muslims Can Take Property of “Filthy” Christians and Jews (Video)
Gateway Pundit | Hadhi says Christians are “shirk” and “evil” and Muslims can take their property."    

On the communication front, Censorship Only Becomes More Draconian At This Spinpoint ... And a New Revolution of Information Is Born ... For, the Rebels Continue To Rise and Ride Like Paul Revere 

ARTICLE: "When Your Favorite Websites Disappear One By One, You Will Know The End Is Near! Hell Stream Media Melts Down, Loses Impact And Control" 

On the CYBER THEFT front, ARTICLE: "InterApp Claims It Can Steal Information from Any Phone User" 

On the *attack the internet* front, ARTICLE: "Massive DDoS attack on core internet servers was 'zombie army' botnet from popular smartphone app: 'This is as serious as it gets. We have absolutely no defenses in place to counter this threat. If the perpetrators had activated more phones we would have 
The recent attack on the internet's core servers is even more severe than previously thought according to cybersecurity expert John McAfee, who believes it was brought about by a so-called "zombie army" botnet unwittingly installed on hundreds of millions of smartphones through an as yet unidentified app. It is unclear who the perpetrators of the attack are but McAfee speculates that the aim of the attack - taking down the internet - and the unsophisticated way the botnet could be implemented through a simple smartphone app, suggests hackers sympathetic to Islamic State (Isis) or another terrorist group may be behind it. 
The distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack that took place between 30 November and 1 December targeted 13 internet root name servers, which combined are responsible for supporting almost the entire internet. There are thousands of secondary servers around the world that could function as temporary replacements, but the majority are cached systems that only hold the data for a temporary period of time. 

On the *culture-destroying invasion of Europe* front, ARTICLE: "Norway Offers to Pay Refugees to Leave: “$9,300 Dollars And Free Flights Home”
Mac Slavo | Norway is leading a new path against the cultural invasion of Europe."  

On the home front, Destroying Communities With Forced Illegal Immigration ... Or, How To Keep America In Chaos For the Dark-Side's Totalitarian Takeover  
ARTICLE: "Sheriff: ‘We Are Forced to Accept’ Feds Creating ‘Small City’ of Illegal Aliens in Texas Community
Breitbart | Nearly 500 UACs are scheduled to arrive in the next few days." 

VIDEO: "‘Homeland’ refugee screening coordinator can’t answer basic questions about program
American Mirror | “I’m sorry, I didn’t bring any of the refugee numbers with me.” 

ARTICLE: "Homeland Security Chair: 'We Don't Have the Ability to Monitor' the 2000 Syrian Refugees Already Here
CNS News - Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas), chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, says the Obama administration is "playing Russian Roulette with national security" by bringing thousands of Syrian refugees into the country. "I will say 2,000 of them have been brought in already, and we don't have the ability to monitor them," McCaul told Fox News's Sean Hannity Tuesday night. "I think we need to put a pause on the program, put the brakes on it, pass my legislation to ensure the safety of Americans. I've had this both publicly and privately from the intelligence community and law enforcement that this poses a serious and imminent threat to the United States." McCaul says the United States government has information indicating that people tied to terrorist groups in Syria already have tried to get into the U.S. through the refugee program." 

Article: "ALERT: Obama Brings In 13,000+ Muslims Who Support Suicide Bombing – PER YEAR
DC Whispers | Once again, the Mainstream Media says nothing and vehemently attacks anyone who does – including Donald Trump." 

ARTICLE: "Police in denial about honor-based violence, afraid it’s ‘racist’ to speak out
Daily Caller | “They are too scared of coming across as racist.” 

ARTICLE: "A “Liberal” Reported Me to the Police For Criticizing Islam
Paul Joseph Watson | Opposing the beheading of gays and the stoning of women is a ‘hate crime’."  

Article: "DEMS PROPOSE’CIVIL RIGHTS' FOR ILLEGALS, ISIS TO ENTER U.S. Leahy amendment could transform illegal immigration into 'Senate Democrats may attempt to create a'“civil right' for anyone – including ISIS militants." 

Confront police, block commerce ~ - DECEMBER 9, 2015 

On the EDUCATION *how to teach hate* front, "VIDEO: Kids Scream “I Want to Kill Him!” While Beating Trump Piñata to “Stop Hate”
Gateway Pundit | Little kids and adults lined up to take turns battering the effigy, which they say they were destroying to “promote peace” and “fight hate.” 

ARTICLE: "Colorado ACLU Chairman Resigns After Writing About Shooting Trump Supporters
Daily Caller | “If you are voting for him, I will have to shoot you before election day.” 

On the DEPLORABLE STATE OF EDUCATION IN AMERICA ... READ IT AND WEEP front, ARTICLE: "Fully 65 percent of U.S. universities unable to successfully teach their students math, economics, government, science and literature" 

On the WIMP CULTURE front, Article: "BANNED: Elementary school deems ‘tag’ too dangerous for the playground
EAG News | The classic playground game “tag” is too dangerous, Toronto school officials believe, so they banned it at a local Catholic elementary." 

On the WAR AGAINST SELF-RELIANCE front, ARTICLE: "Colorado County Criminalizes Self-Reliance: Off-Grid Living Punished Like a Crime
There was a time in America — and not so long ago — when there was no “grid,” at least for those who lived outside of urban centers. To live self-sufficiently in rural areas was the rule, rather than the exception.
People knew how to survive without electricity, running water, sewage systems or any other services provided by municipalities or power companies. They used wood for heat and kerosene for light; they dug wells, built outhouses, raised cows and chickens, grew their own food." 

On the STEALING YOUR WATER front, ARTICLE: "Lawsuit Seeks to Halt Nestlé from Stealing 1,838,451,342 Gallons of Water in CA
Christina Sarich | While selling it back at inflated costs."  

On the food front, This Holiday Season, Please Help To Feed Others As You Are Able ... Many Are Truly Starving 

HEADLINE: "HUNGER IN AMERICA – 1 in 7 Rely On Food Banks To Survive" 

On the *right, you have spend your own money to fight labeling* front, ARTICLE: "California to Allow Consumers to Sue Over Deceptive Food Labels 
Natural Blaze - The California Supreme Court ruled recently that under California law, consumers have a right to file lawsuits alleging food products are falsely labeled “organic.”... The basis of the decision was a class-action lawsuit filed by California consumer Michelle Quesada against Herb Thyme Farms Inc. that alleged the company falsely labeled its food, mixing organic and non-organic herbs together under the organic label. Herb Thyme advertises its products as 100% organic, and had received the USDA’s authorization to use the organic label. Prior to the California Supreme Court’s ruling, the law stated that private citizens could only file complaints with the USDA but had no right to sue a company for violating the federal law. A Superior Court judge and the appellate court ruled that such lawsuits would interfere with uniform nationwide standards. The California Supreme Court unanimously disagreed, saying that private suits under state laws actually promote the goals of national organic regulation." 

On the GMO FRANKENFOOD front, Article: "US FDA Deregulates 2 More GE Corn Strains, Unleashing More Toxic Crops on America
Christian Sarich | What happened to stricter protocols?" 

ARTICLE: "Philippines Supreme Court Confirms GMO Eggplant Ban
Sustainable Pulse - The Philippines Supreme Court on Tuesday, December 8, permanently stopped the field testing for Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis) talong (eggplant), upholding the decision of the Court of Appeals (CA) which stopped the field trials for the genetically modified eggplant.... In its ruling, the High Tribunal also explained its application of the precautionary principle, which holds that “lack of scientific certainty is no reason for inaction at the risk of potentially serious or irreversible harm to the environment.” 

ARTICLE: "Chuck Norris Takes Action Against FDA’s GM Salmon
Christina Sarich | Joining millions of Americans." 

On the HEALTH front, ARTICLE: "Nobel Prize Awarded for a Medical Treatment Derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine ~ Tuesday, December 8, 2015
Considered a source of cultural pride within China itself, the millennia-old practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine is typically dismissed by western medicine as a collection of folklore and pseudoscience. However, in a historic first for the prestigious Nobel Prize, the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine has been co-awarded to a Chinese researcher that used ancient Chinese medical texts to develop a life-saving treatment, that has successfully been used against malarial infections." 

On the HEALTH BAD NEWS front, ARTICLE: "Advanced Thyroid Cancer Rate in Some California Counties Well Above National Average" 

ARTICLE: "Declassified U.S. Government Report on Fukushima: '100% of The Total Spent Fuel Was Released to the Atmosphere from Unit 4’:THE MOST DEADLY OCEAN LIFE AND SOON TO BECOME HUMAN LIFE DESTROYING EVENT IN HISTORY AND THE MEDIA IS SILENT [] 

ARTICLE: "'Red Alert! Sharp increase in radiation… at Fukushima' — Levels spike 400,000% under plant — Almost 1,000,000,000 becquerels per cubic meter 

ARTICLE: "U.S. hit with huge spike of '‘most dangerous’radiation from Fukushima — Levels far exceeded federal regulatory limits , Alpha particles nearly 1,000 times normal; Includes plutonium: Gov’t workers in 'fear of radiation' 

On the MIGRATION EPIDEMIC front, "Video: Epidemics fears in EU: HIV, polio, cholera & more detected in refugee camps 
RT - The influx of asylum seekers has brought health concerns to Europe. About 15% of newly arriving migrants (approx. 200 000 people) require immediate treatment. Doctors admit some of the illnesses have been transmitted by refugees and the EU is not ready to provide its citizens with appropriate treatment. Several diseases represent a real people's life threat: cholera, HIV, Hepatitis A, B, C, E, polio, malaria, leishmaniasis, etc." 

On the *shoot 'em up with vaccines* front, HEADLINE: " TV2 Denmark Documentary on HPV Vaccine Shows Lives of Young Women Ruined" 

On the really bad news front, ARTICLE: "Drone operators accused of using bath salts, synthetic marijuana and alcohol on the job, while calling children “fun-size terrorists” CONTRIBUTOR: Grover. November 25th, 2015, by Julie Wilson A group of four former Air Force drone operators and technicians are speaking out against what they say is an ineffective and overly cruel U.S.-led assassination program, that’s creating a cold-blooded insensitivity towards humanity, as it routinely murders..." 

ARTICLE: "US Air Force Seeks $3 Billion Drone Program Expansion :'During one five-month period of the operation, according to the documents, nearly 90 percent of the people killed in airstrikes were not the intended targets,' the report reads." 

On the good news front, ❤

On the global mafia cabal front, The Goo-Borg's Bid To Control Sky Net... And the Dark-side's Worldwide War ❤

ARTICLE: "Google’s new quantum computer is ‘100 million times faster than your PC’
London Telegraph | Google and Nasa have been working on a lightning-fast quantum computer that is 3,600 times faster than a supercomputer at solving complex problems."  

❤How Law Enforcement Can Use Google Timeline To Track Your Every Move 
The Intercept - The expansion of Google’s Timeline feature, launched in July 2015, allows investigators to request detailed information about where someone has been — down to the longitude and latitude — over the course of years. Previously, law enforcement subpoenas to the company could only yield recent location information. The 15-page document includes what information its author, an expert in mobile phone investigations, found being stored in his own Timeline: historic location data — extremely specific data — dating back to 2009, the first year he owned a phone with an Android operating system… There is no indication data is recoverable from Google once it has been deleted by the user, the report says. Location data is only stored in users’ Google accounts if they enable the feature… The report also advises investigators to remember there is a significant amount of other information retained by Google.

Terrorism, tyranny and the end of freedom, as there is a worldwide war the object of which is to make the world’s population submit to a ’global order' a war which serves the interests of what he rightly calls a 'tiny and tyrannical ruling elite'. 

On the heroine front, A reality smackdown, what is really driving the economy of today? And why are the rich getting richer, and the poor getting poorer? Blurb: "CATHERINE AUSTIN FITTS, founder and president of the Solari Report ... joins the third hour today to give us a briefing on what is currently on her radar along with money & market updates. Website:" 

On the *freedom from tyranny heroine* front, ARTICLE: "Judge Calls For US Marshals and FBI To Arrest Congress and The President
On November 28th, 2015, Alaska State Judge Anna von Reitz (Anna Maria Riezinger) addressed an open letter to all federal agents, including the FBI and US Marshals to arrest... 

On the hero front, Tommy Robinson ... Blurb: "Founder and ex Leader of the English Defence League Tommy Robinson joins the show today to discuss the refugee crisis, Islam, Pegida and his new book "Enemy of the State." 

On the scumbag political front, ARTICLE: "Boston Globe Misquotes Rand Paul: He’s Dropping Out
Bretibart | “He will make an announcement this week about what comes next.”

ARTICLE: "Hillary’s Patently Fake “Love and Kindness” Campaign
Kurt Nimmo | Clinton didn’t use love bombs in Libya and Syria." 

On the *deranged stupidity* front, ARTICLE: "Muslim Who Threatened Knife Attack on Trump Gets Secret Service Visit
Paul Joseph Watson | Hillary supporter doubles down on his stupidity."  


ARTICLE: "How Obama is Using the Grossly Unconstitutional “No Fly List” to Push Gun Control
Michael Krieger | The faux “liberal” who holds the White House was at it once again last night." 

ARTICLE: "The Watchlist Gun Bans Begin: Obama Enlists Governors to Bypass Congress: “By Executive Order”
Mac Slavo | Now governors are abusing executive orders to trample on the 2nd Amendment as well." 

ARTICLE: "Red or Blue: What Happens When YOU Are Put On A List? 'If You’re On That List, Your Right Is Cancelled'" 

Article: "KEEP THE SHEEP ASLEEP Washington - Making the job much easier for the Muslim terrorists! :There Are 72 DHS Employees on the Terror Watch List 

On the *continued rise of the gun culture* front, VID: "Actor Kurt Russell Tells Obama Get Out Of The White House Immediately (Video) CONTRIBUTOR: Jeffery Pritchett. 
Actor Kurt Russell took a huge stand against Obama on gun control. He claims that it is ridiculous to think that gun control would stop terrorism. “If you think..." 


Article: "Anyone Who Wants To Disarm Me Can Drop Dead: This is what Jade Helm was all about – it was a practice run…" 

VID: "TEXAS POLICE CHIEF, OTHERS URGE CITIZENS TO ARM THEMSELVES A Texas police chief who warns President Barack Obama in a social media video that trying to disarm Americans would 'cause a revolution in this country'" 

ARTICLE: "'Be Ready' - 'Enough Is Enough' - 'It Is On Its Way'  - December 10, 2015 ~ One By One Law Enforcement Officials Are Standing Up And Speaking Out 'Arm Yourselves Now!'" 

ARTICLE: "Stunning=> Over 100 MILLION Guns Sold in US Since Obama Became President (Video) Over 100 million guns have been sold in the United States since Barack Obama was elected president." 

ARTICLE: "Americans stock up on weapons after California shooting
Reuters | “Everyone is reporting up, every store, every salesman, every distributor.”

MEANWHILE... ARTICLE: "Huffington Post Calls for Government to Seize All Firearms
Kurt Nimmo | Says “micro” and “mini” efforts to destroy 2nd Amendment not working."  

Video: "Obama’s Press Secretary Cannot Explain How More Gun Control Would Stop Shootings
Steve Watson | Reporter calls out White House on executive push." 

ARTICLE: "Snowden: Armed Citizen in Garland Did What Surveillance State Couldn’t
Mikael Thalen | “One citizen with a gun protected what $53b spy budget did not.” 

On the RENEGADE REVOLUTION front, ARTICLE: "Texas Sheriff Defies Obama: ‘If You Try to Disarm Us,’ a ‘Revolution’ is Coming CONTRIBUTOR: Voice of Reason ~ Dear Mr. Security Agent: We really don’t want a problem with you, believe me. And there is no reason for us to have a problem, because we both can..." 

ARTICLE: "This West Point Instructor Just Issued a Call to the Military to Overthrow Obama… CONTRIBUTOR: Voice of Reason. Who can blame a West Point instructor, a man of honor who has served his nation faithfully, for suggesting in a law review article that the military should overthrow..."  

On the *we all need to be armed and trained to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and our neighbors* front, ARTICLE: "Concealed Permit Holder Saves Chicago Crowd from Mass Shooter
Gateway Pundit | A concealed permit holder and Uber driver saved a crowd in Chicago when he opened fire on a gunman who had opened fire in Logan Square." 

On the freedom front, Worldwide, the FREEDOM RamCharging Rebellion ... the Idea of Truly Living and Being Free Becomes Ever More Popular During 2016 ... and AMERIGEDDON ... 

ARTICLE: "AmeriGEDDON Exclusive Release: Powerful Film Exposes Globalist Takeover Plan
Prison | Director, son of Chuck Norris reveals trailer on film no one wants you to see. 
A dire warning of a wake up call of what might be our future when a globalist terrorist organization aligned with the United Nations disables the United States power grid and institutes Martial Law. It will take a dedicated family of patriots armed with strong survival skills and the remains of the Second Amendment to save America and reclaim its freedom." 


ARTICLE: "Autonomous Weaponized Robots As Certain As Tomorrow’s Sunrise" 

On the GENETIC ENGINEERING front, ARTICLE: "Someone Will Eventually Use CRISPR to Try to Make a Dragon or Unicorn"  
Written by JASON KOEBLER ~ 8 December 2015 // 03:00 PM CET 

On the *how to get sheeple chipped* front, ARTICLE: "Is the Future of Music a Chip in Your Brain?
Wall St Journal | Stephen Witt, author of “How Music Got Free,” imagines a future where algorithms replace albums, Frank Sinatra has new hits, and the DJ always plays your favorite song." 

Trendwise, The Preparation For Martial Law ... Meanwhile, the Sheeple Ba-Ba Graze On Circus-Circus Entertainments 

ARTICLE: "Another False Flag Shooting Proves Obama Is Implementing His 17th and Final Element of Martial Law 
...The 17 Elements of Obama’s Martial Law Plan
Most experts who have studied Obama’s Executive Orders agree that his hard core martial law contains the following 17  essential elements:
1-Mass roundup and/or execution of political dissidents  (NDAA)
2-Dusk to dawn curfews  (EO 13603)
3-Rationing of essential resources   (EO 13603)
4-The seizing of personal assets such as food and water  (EO 13603)
5-Control over all food and water  (EO 13603)
6-Total suspension of the Constitution   (NDAA-FM 3-39.4)
7-The confiscation of property, homes and businesses  (EO 13603)
8-Arrests without due process   (NDAA)
9-Massive “papers please” checkpoints with intrusive searches  (NDAA, Standard DHS operational guidelines)
10-Forced relocation   (PDD 51, REX 84, EO 13603)
11-Forced conscription into various labor camps and even into the military  (EO 13603)
12-Outlawing of free speech (Accomplished by the seizure of media (EO 13603)
13-The installation of massive surveillance programs and the establishment of snitch programs   (A plethora of NSA spy bills)
14-The total control or elimination of religion   (Clergy response team)
15-Control of the media    (Already accomplished)
16-Executions without due process of law  (NDAA)
17-The prohibition of weapons of any kind including guns, knives or chemicals which can be turned into explosives    (Obama’s intended gun “reform resulting from flase flag events such as the recent San Bernardino shooting, the Oregon shooting and of course Sandy Hook) 

THIS WEEK, let the holiday spirit fill your heart, and share this wonderful spirit with loved ones, and strangers who need a friendly smile. 

Angelic Blessings from Volcano & Sedona 

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