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Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ March 2, 2015

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #339

World Shaking Game-Changer Events Are On the Immediate Horizon

For the next three months stay ALERT and AWARE. For several of these 'shock and awe' events are meant to mind-control the Sheeple.

On the AWAKENING front, Now the Brave Ones Ram-Charge Ahead, AWAKENING To Greater Spiritual Knowledge and Truth

In opposition, worldwide, the dark-side controllers run roughshod over personal rights, the Divine rights belonging to humanity.

In the midst of this relentless, imperial march toward domination, the people keep rising in a tsunami wave of all-out resistance. For, the soul cherishes freedom, the freedom to fully express Itself.

On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' whirl their mighty lightblades speeding up the Aquarian-Age fate of the Viper elite magicians, and their vile minion-cohorts. For, their time on Earth has come to an end.

Specifically, look for the war-chaos rise and fall of so-called leaders and regimes around the world. Or, the changing of the dark-side guard brings giant upheavals throughout society. Be prepared.

On the personal front, CHANGE is the watchword for the next THREE months.  In part, this means the rapid back and forth of situational outcomes. Or, as an example, you could be suddenly, unexpectedly fired from a job, but find one the next day.

To ride this out -- and use this cosmic dynamic to your advantage -- it is best to pay attention as if you are an avid student in a classroom. Thus, when opportunity shows itself, you will be able to grab it with both hands, and hang on.

For, at this point, learning how to recognize opportunities, then creatively use them, will make the good *difference* in your life -- and in the life of all those you LOVE.

On the paranormal front, *High Strangeness* Flames Higher and Ever Hotter On Every Supernatural Front ... Stay Grounded and Watch Out You Don't Get Singed

Now, whatever attracts you in the paranormal realm the most, the time has arrived to study and learn. And connect. For, this will open you up in a whole new way that will 'most beneficially' serve you, and others.

On the UFO front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "What is this mysterious purple disc flying over Peru? TV host interrupts interview so cameras can focus on 'UFO' hovering over city
A television crew captured this astonishing footage which appears to show a purple disc-shaped UFO hovering about a city construction site.
The production crew in Lima, Peru, were filming a programme when they interrupted it in order to focus on what appears to be a 'UFO' hovering over the city.
The purple-colored disc-shaped object can be seen hovering in the sky near a construction site, but so far, there has been no official explanation for the object."

On the *we are not alone* disclosure front, At a Rapid Pace, Backdoor Disclosure Continues. Here is another breakthrough game-changer:

Burroughs' UFO Injury, ET Slides & Alien Abduction
Date:     02-26-15
Host:     George Noory
Guests:     Linda Moulton Howe
Earthfiles investigative reporter, Linda Moulton Howe shared important news about the implications of John Burroughs's full VA medical coverage related to an injury caused by unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) in Rendlesham Forest in 1980, details about the 1947 Kodachrome color slides of purported non-human entities, and an intriguing case of alien abduction. She spoke with attorney Pat Frascogna, who has been representing retired USAF Tech Sgt. John Burroughs in his struggle to get his classified medical records from the US Veterans Administration. Burroughs has suffered from a variety of heart-related complications in recent years, and files from the UK's top secret 'Project Condign' were finally made available which directly linked exposure to UAP radiation in the December 1980 Rendlesham Forest "unexplained lights" phenomenon to bodily injury and mental manipulation.
After many years of trying, they were finally successful in getting Burroughs his VA coverage. "The injury that he received [at Rendlesham] was immediate to his heart — something that he did not have when he went into the Air Force just a year or so before, that eventually would require open heart surgery," said Frascogna, who added that the VA's action was a de facto confirmation of the UAP/UFO reality. Linda also interviewed Burroughs, who recently received the Researcher of the Year Award at the Open Minds International UFO Congress. More here. ~
Jaime Maussan of Mexico's Tercer Melenio TV told Linda he has scheduled a special event on May 5, 2015 to reveal the 1947 Kodachrome slides, which came from an accidental discovery in 1999 in a box of possessions of the late Hilda Blair Ray, who reportedly was friends with Pres. Eisenhower. Describing the images, Maussan said the head of the being is very large, with a small nose, and just little holes where the ears would be. More. ~

On the mysterious BOOMS front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Port Angeles Washington residents rattled by mysterious loud booms"

On the land changes front, BIG SHAKE-UP DOINGS are here. Bump, grind, and scrape, Mother Earth Expands, and Her Oceans Swing and Sway

And has been stated before... EXTREME continues to be the watchword for weather conditions... the winds are likely to be fiercer than normal in some areas of the country -- and in the world at large. Meanwhile, earthquakes continue to ramp up, and volcanic activity only accelerates, especially on the ocean floor... as well, sinkholes are likely to increase as Spring approaches. And yes, there will be more 'announcements' around weather manipulation and weather warfare.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Are Siberia's mysterious craters caused by climate change? Scientists find four new enormous holes in northern Russia"

HEADLINE: "Five years of earthquakes in Chile"
HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Two craters found after bright fireball explodes over Kerala, India"

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "ICE AGE COMETH? North Pole Frozen Solid – South Pole Re-Freezing"

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Earth under the influence of Coronal Hole and High Speed Stream, which is stirring up geomagnetic storms!"

On the economic front, The Mega Bamboozle of the Bankster Gangsters Continues To Be Exposed

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "'Spectacular Developments’ In Austria: Bail-In Arrives After €7.6 Billion Bad Bank Capital Hole ’Discovered':Slowly, all the lies of the ‘recovery', all the skeletons in the closet, and all the bodies swept under the rug are emerging."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Janet Yellen Is Freaking Out About ‘Audit The Fed’ – Here Are 100 Reasons Why She Should Be
The Federal Reserve has been around for just over a hundred years, and it has done an absolutely abysmal job for the American people."

On the *economic reality for most* of us front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "AMERICANS Are Flat BROKE And Totally UNPREPARED For The COMING Economic COLLAPSE,60 percent of all Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, and a whopping 24 percent of the country has more credit card debt than emergency savings."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "California Rental Armageddon: Nearly half of Los Angeles adults doubling up, working class moving out, or you have the option of simply living in poverty."

However, the innovative-creative spirit of the people grows by leaps and bounds at this cosmic spinpoint. Also, the more of the like-minded who come together and form their own viable local economy, the less overall suffering there will be for ALL.

On the *under the mattress* front, HEADLINE: "How Much Will You Pay to Park Cash as Central Banks Go Negative?"

On the truth front, the Goo-Borg Plans To Hijack TRUTH

The *do no evil* Google execs are in the planning stages of a whole new ranking system for web site searches. That is, instead of hits, now their rankings are to be based on 'truthiness'.

The question: *Who* among them decides what is TRUTH and what is not? Yes, as stated, DARPA-designed Google aspires to be the mind of God. And you, mere internet users, are to bow down and be assimilated.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Google Moving To Shut Down Alternative Media By Ranking Sites On “Facts” Rather Than Popularity
Steve Watson | Wants To Cross Check Websites Against Debunking Sites Such As Search Engine giant Google, the major driver of traffic to the majority of media portals is moving to change the way it ranks websites, declaring that it intends to use known partisan debunking outlets to determine the “truthfulness” of content."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Breaking: Google gives new meaning to ’Orwellian’ : The new Google program is going to double down. It’s going to set up its own Ministry of Truth. It’s going to standardize algorithms that unerringly bring about officially favored lies."

On the war front, Worldwide, the War On the Streets ... The People Ram-Charge For Freedom From Austerity

As the dark-side globalists diabolically feed the terrible flames of war across the planet, the people take to the streets. For, many are fed up with all forms of governmental authority -- and with the constant and consistent failures of big *bank-run* government.

Meanwhile, globalists factions fight each other, and gasoline-feed the monstrous fires of war in the Middle East. From the prior forecast: ***Double Cross Piled 'on top of' Double Cross 'on top of' Triple Cross 'on top of' Quadruple Cross... The World Appears To Go Bonkers-Insane***

On the tyranny-at-work front, The Torture Black Sites In Chicago As First Reported By the London Guardian

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "The disappeared: Chicago police detain Americans at...
Feb 24, 2015 ~ The Chicago police department operates an off-the-books interrogation compound, rendering Americans unable to be found by family or attorneys while locked ... "

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Chicago PD Blacksite Is Domestic Guantanamo
Joe Biggs | Residents being “disappeared” into elusive interrogation compound.
February 24, 2015 ~ The Chicago Police Department is operating an off-the-books interrogation compound that lawyers say is the domestic equivalent of a CIA black site."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Exposed: The Hidden Truth Behind America’s Black Sites
Prison | Infowars investigates the Chicago PD’s secret, CIA-style black site used to unlawfully detain, torture and harass citizens.
Infowars reporter Joe Biggs touches down in Chicago to investigate the secret domestic torture facility being used to illegally detain, beat and even kill US citizens.
As soon as Infowars arrives, they are immediately swarmed by police, told to leave public property and bizarrely threatened by an undercover officer.
Check out the rest of Infowars’ Chicago ‘black site’ coverage below."
Reporters Harassed at Secret Torture Site in Chicago:

CONTRIBUTOR: common sense. This is one of the alleged “black sites” where torture of illegal detention of Chicago residents is taking place. This is a modern day FEMA camp operating in broad daylight operating under the color of law provided by the NDAA in which people can be arrested and..."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "4 More Victims Come Forward From Chicago Secret Prison, Man Tortured Over Weed"

On the *jackboot thug* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Here’s What It Looks Like To Be Stomped On By A Jackboot Thug Cop (Video)
Steve Watson | Officer attempted to destroy phone after attacking man for filming police brutality."

On controlling the SHEEPLE front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Feds "Show Of Force"  Against Americans Sends A Clear Warning: Comply Or Else!
By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine ..."This is the century for colonialist ambitions to be reversed," the 78-year-old pastor said. "I've watched a lot of things happen, and the people of the world are fed up. The spirit of the world right now is: make things smaller, move governments closer to home, take back self-rule."
Kerr County sheriff Rusty Hierholzer claims he "he had worries that some extremists in the group could become violent, citing a 1997 incident when 300 state troopers surrounded an armed Republic leader for a weeklong standoff."
Republic of Texas describes the type of people who are members of their group on their website as " generally seniors of respected middle-class business, farming, broadcasting, engineering, scientific, health, veterans, and faith-based backgrounds..."
I call BS on the Sheriff's claim.... this was a deliberate warning sent out to Americans... comply or else. Don't make waves, don't question Big Brother or the feds will show up at your doorstep, harrass you, take your personal belongings and treat you like a criminal."

On the communication front, ORWELLIAN NATION: You Can't Make This Up... The FCC Stated To the Public the Regs on *NET NEUTRALITY* Would Be Released After Their Vote... Now, NO, We Won't *Release* the 332 Pages

Question: What is the FCC hiding from the American people?

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Net Neutrality Explained. Simply and Accurately!
Steven Crowder | Everyone supported it, until they found out what it actually is…"


On the *fascist facebook* censorship front, HEADLINE: "FASCIST STATE: Facebook Shuts Down Page Of Black 6th Grader Who Made Viral Video Questioning Obama’s Patriotism"

On the home front, The Big Cities Deteriorate Into Police State Hellpits

This summer the battle begins for the heart and soul of several major cities. And, as has been stated before, many are fleeing as fast as possible for greener pastures -- whether in smaller cities, towns, or establishing a rural lifestyle.

Also, at this turnpoint, there is the *possible* danger of heinous false flags being carried out by thug-minions of the dark-side controllers -- then blamed on the 'enemy' of choice. Likely, either patriot groups or the ubiquitous Muslim terrorists.

Further, civil war *could* erupt on the streets of America, either as a flashpoint, or as pockets of resistance. Since this is NOT written in stone, a peaceful revolution-evolution remains viable. Or, give FREEDOM, PEACE, AND PROSPERITY a real chance.

On the Borg Lifestyle front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Chips Under Your Skin Will Keep You Connected To Your Phone, House, Car, Bank Account"

On the food front, Disguised as FOOD HARMONIZATION In the EU... This Is the Regulation and Controlled Destruction of the Food Supply by Big Brother Government and the Monopoly Transnational Corporations

ARTICLE: "...heavily regulate church bake sales, roadside vegetable stands and our backyard gardens. Food Harmonization is not just about preventing bad products being sold on the market. We will be told it is about approving menus, regulating food volume to feed the poor, controlling food to control disease, to improve food production and reduce costs... ~ Herbalist Wendy Wilson, Apothecary Herbs Inc.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Vertical farm can make 44,000 pounds of tomatoes on the side of a parking lot
The Verge - The Wyoming town of Jackson gets long and bitter winters. One mile above sea level in a landlocked state, months of heavy snow leave the town unable to grow much of its own produce, forcing it to import fresh fruit and vegetables from other states or other countries. But the creators of a new initiative called Vertical Harvest — a multi-story greenhouse built on the side of a parking lot — hope that one of the world's few vertical farms can help feed the town with tomatoes, herbs, and microgreens."

On the vaccine front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "EXCLUSIVE: caught freezing vaccine choice petition to prevent signatures from reaching 100,000 threshold"

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Report: Vaccine Propaganda Exposed
Rob Dew | Infowars examines pro-vaccine propaganda meant to scare you into rolling up your sleeves."  

On the Medical Industrial Complex front, MegaTrends, the Rise of the Robots

ARTICLE: "Everything you are used to experiencing in healthcare is going to vanish over the next few years; and I mean everything. An example they gave was; the number of patients a doctor will be allowed to see and how he/she diagnoses and treats the patient. How patients pay and how doctors are compensated will also change. Everything will be tracked and accounted for because it is healthcare driven by costs and only costs...
...Anyone who thinks the ACA will add jobs to the healthcare industry is mistaken. Hospitals in the US are adding robots to their staff – not humans. The University of California, San Francisco Hospital added a fleet of robots to also include El Camino Hospital. We’re told the robots collect trash, linens, deliver meals and medications to patients and other tasks in order to free up staff for more important jobs. If you are into double-speak they call this “redirecting human labor to save costs.” Dr. Kiosk is just steps away folks. If you are thinking the new healthcare exploits people and uses them as pawns to make more money – you are correct." ~ Herbalist Wendy Wilson, Apothecary Herbs Inc.

On the energy front, The Aquarian Age, Shifting Energetics On a Monumental Level

Currently, on the *cosmic upgrade of humanity* front, there are great-wave influxes of energy. These 'fifth dimensional' vibrations are triggering latent genetic codes in humankind, in the animals, and the plant life.

This AWAKENING upgrade is what the Viper elite globalists consider to be the most dangerous to their rule over Earth. Look for the HUGER, more fantastical CIRCUS CIRCUS entertainments meant to distract, keep the sheeple dumbed down, and thus, obedient.

On the really bad news front, Exposed: Police Brutality and Murder of the People

In these times of camera phones, etc., the reprehensible deeds of police and law enforcement has come to the forefront. For, TRANSPARENCY is the name of the Aquarian Age game.

However, this is also a sinister gambit by the dark-side controllers to foment  a civil war between the police and the people. All the more reason for those of us who love freedom, to join forces and stand with each other.

On the good news front, RAM CHARGE: Activism Accelerates To Quantum Speed

As the year, 2015, progresses, more of the people battle back against the 'slippery slope' mountains of corruption, the bankster-gangster economy, and the tyranny-overreach of government.  For, they understand their very lives, and the lives of their loved ones, are at stake.

As well, creative-innovative activism continues against the big-corp monsters forcing bad food and bad medicine on the people. Explosions of rage, and spontaneous uprisings are also in the picture. For, many of the people have simply had enough, and have nothing else to lose.

On the global mafia cabal front, The Days of Wine and Roses Are Over For the Cabal... For, the Time of Implosion-Explosion Is Here.

That is, those who serve the dark side -- knowingly or unknowingly -- are on the path to their own self destruction. Within the human genome is a trigger bio-mechanism that now goes operational, whenever acts of evil are committed -- especially during these ASCENSION times.

Also, the soulless ones, are subject to their 'planted seeds' of self destruction. Now watch as a hyper madness sets in, all while death begins to claim these elite vipers.

On the heroine front, ANNIE JACOBSEN ~ Blurb: " of the acclaimed bestseller "Area 51" joins TPH to discuss her new book "Operation Paperclip". In this book she reveals the explosive dark secrets behind America's post-WWII science programs.
In the chaos following World War II, some of the greatest spoils of Germany's resources were the Third Reich's scientific minds. The U.S. government secretly decided that the value of these former Nazis' knowledge outweighed their crimes and began a covert operation code-named Paperclip to allow them to work in the U.S. without the public's full knowledge.
Drawing on exclusive interviews with dozens of Paperclip family members, colleagues, and interrogators, and with access to German archival documents (including papers made newly available by direct descendants of the Third Reich's ranking members), files obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, and lost dossiers discovered in government archives and at Harvard University, Annie Jacobsen follows more than a dozen German scientists through their postwar lives and into one of the most complex, nefarious, and jealously guarded government secrets of the 20th century."

On the hero front, In memoriam, actor, host of *In Search Of*, Leonard Nimoy ~ ARTICLE: "Mr. Spock Lived Long and We All Prospered
CONTRIBUTOR: common sense. Leonard Nimoy’s portrayal of “Star Trek’s” of the logical half-human science officer Mr. Spock, became one of the most memorable characters in entertainment history. Sadly, Leonard Nimoy died Friday. He was 83. A little bit of all of us from the Star Trek generation died with him."

"Apparently, it is by design we fight..." Spock in the episode, "Day of the Dove"

***Season 3 / Episode 7: - Day of the Dove Mr. Spock: Recent events would seem to be directed toward a magnification of the basic hostilities between Humans and Klingons.***

On the political prisoner front, The War On the Sheeple Innocent... Kent Hovind, Lost In Prison For NO Crime Whatsoever

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Should Creation Teacher Spend the Rest of His Life in Prison?"

Also: Blurb: "KENT HOVIND joins The Power Hour from prison to raise awareness about his case and why we need to support him. Dr. Kent Hovind has been in prison for eight years and is now facing possible life imprisonment on new charges."

On the freedom front, The Brutal Heart of Darkness Moves On All Fronts Against Humankind... Hear the Mad Howl of Liberty

As the people continue to wise up, and see-know their real globalist-cabal enemies -- not the manufactured enemies sold to the public by the presstitute media -- the demanding howl for liberty will shake-vibrate the very planet, and will not cease.

On the *history repeats itself, but doesn't have to* front, "They Thought They Were Free: The Germans, 1933-45" by Milton Mayer, published by the University of Chicago Press. ©1955, 1966 by the University of Chicago.

Trendwise, Anti-trend Activism and the Breakaway Off-the-Grid Civilization

During the summer months, a major movement toward 'anti-trendy-ism' is likely to develop. And, instead of the shadow-gov's breakaway Star Trek civilization, now comes the breakaway off-the-grid civilization of the people.

For, this is part of the Great Divide. From the February 15, 2015 forecast:

"The Great Divide Deepens Between Those Who RamCharge Ahead and Those Who Remain the Sheeple

Now, in this Chinese Year of the Sheep/Goat -- beginning on February 19th -- the power of the people surges to new heights. In opposition, the dark-side establishment rolls out their Orwellian regime under the guise of 'safeguarding the citizenry'.

On the AWAKENING front, the game for souls, this is the final battle on Earth. With the golden-spirit ASCENSION of humanity growing in strength every moment of every day, those who would denigrate and bring humankind to its proverbial knees, have become exponentially more desperate, and thus, diabolical in their war tactics.

Currently, the goal is the complete elimination of free speech, worldwide. The notion of everyone's right to free speech must be stamped out, buried in the unseen dust of history. That is, if the dark-side controllers are to prevail."

Also, the power of 3D Printing, the future rises.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Australia creates 'world first' 3D-printed jet engines
Manufacturing breakthrough that engineers expect will lead to cheaper, lighter and more fuel-efficient jets." — The Telegraph

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "3D print your own garden grow box: Texas inventor releases 3D parts and instructions for self-watering grow systems
(Natural News) (Press release) Texas inventor and science lab director Mike Adams (aka the "Health Ranger") has publicly launched 3D printable parts and instructions for making your own self-watering float valve, the key component in non-electric hydroponic grow systems."

THIS WEEK, let joy rule your heart for long moments. Seek those moments as you gaze upon Mother Nature... as you go about your daily activities. And smile. 

 Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Pat C. said...

I just checked, and Google still allows access to sites that show you how to build a pipe bomb. They'd better rethink what kind of information they want to suppress.

Lovely pic of Spock. The Vulcan salute and the Vulcan neck pinch were both Leonard's inventions. Such a creative, talented man.

Savanna Kougar said...

Yep, creative and talented! Gotta love Leonard Nimoy in his role as Spock.

Heck, we might as well learn how to navigate the dark net, since Google wants to play god.