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Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ January 26, 2015

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #334 

Now, a Three Ring CIRCUS-CIRCUS of Events Takes Over the World Stage... as never before, here it comes...

This, because the last gargantuan gasp of the dark-side power structure begins. And their loss of power mutates them into psychopathically mindless monsters.

Beware and prepare for a whirlwind of worldwide insanity.

On the AWAKENING front, Look To the Skies, the UFOs Rise Before the Many Eyes of the World, and the People Arise

For, the time has come. During the year 2015, *DISCLOSURE* will occur in wave after wave of sightings and direct contract. This, despite the ongoing vicious denials spoon-fed to the public by the establishment-controlled media.

Although many in the population will remain blissfully blind to this ongoing otherworldly 'disclosure', enough in the population will experience and know *we are not alone and have another been alone*.

This alone transforms the world consciousness to a higher and wiser frequency.
HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "French Nuclear Director Says UFO Was Over His Plant
In the fall of 2014, it was reported that there were anywhere from 13 to 18 incidents of French nuclear power plants being targets of surveillance or suspicious hovering by UFOs." — Mysterious Universe

On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' slice and dice more of the 'construct' that currently blinds humanity to the true reality of the world. In a counterattack, the Viper elite magicians spread the blinding fog of their nefarious deceptions using the magic of advanced technology.

On the personal front, this week is about organizing your thoughts about the immediate future, and which direction[s] to choose that serve your best interest. Simply tune into your inner genius, and give a listen.

Also, those of you who are trailblazing new ideas and inventions will be in the Divine spotlight at this cosmic spinpoint. For, your path is critical to the coming times.

Further, on the practical side, this will be a great week to shop for the necessities of life -- that is, the products you use most often. Look for the good deals, and stock up while, when, and where you can.

On the paranormal front, Bigfoot Continues To Come Out of the Forest Closet

BLURB: "Bigfoot Encounters ...Dave Schrader  was joined for the entire show by Christine D. Parker, who claims to live in a neighborhood across from an old, creepy forest where Bigfoot and the unknown lurk. Her family has purportedly been tormented by the creatures and according to a Bigfoot investigator they contacted, "They aren’t going anywhere."
"I have always believed in Bigfoot because I just can't imagine people seeing it all the time and it not being a true creature," Parker said..."

On the monsters front, BLURB: "Forest Predator~Sat 01-24
...Dave Schrader welcomed paranormal researcher Stephen Young, who discussed a strange and highly unusual predator that is living in the woods and forests all across the world and is able to overpower someone in an instant.

HEADLINE: "United monsters of America ~ Infographic reveals the strange beasts that have captured the nation's imagination. "

On the Mars front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Life on Mars: 'Spaceman' spotted repairing Mars Curiosity rover ~ UFO experts have sensationally claimed that this photo, which they say shows a human engineer working on the Mars Curiosity Rover, could be proof of life on the Red Planet.

On the past life front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Boy Gives Detailed, Verified Information About Past Life
Psychologist Dr. Erlendur Haraldsson has highlighted a case in which a boy named Nazih Al-Danaf gave many correct details about his purported past-life incarnation." — Epoch Times

On the land changes front, Land Rising Across the Planet ... ongoing Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Superstorms ... here come more fireballs ... then the sun lashes out. Again.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Newly awakened Hunga Ha'apai volcano creates large new Tongan island
The volcano off an uninhabited island has finally been viewed up close, with volcanologists saying it has created a substantial new island since it began erupting last month." — AFP

HEADLINE: "Volcanic Heat Flow And Sublimation Are Melting Mount Kilimanjaro Glaciers...Not Global Warming"

On the BOOM front, Linda Moulton Howe of reports. BLURB: "Quakes, Booms and Pole Shift ~ Friday January 23, 2015 ~ Earth's magnetic pole is shifting much faster than predicted. Could this be the reason for unusual earthquake clusters and unexplained booms? ...
... Earthquakes are being recorded in eastern Connecticut for the first time in 300 years, in an area far from any fracking activity. Unexplained booms are taking place in many areas of the US. The magnetic field is in an unexpected state of flux. So, what's happening and what should we expect?

On the asteroid front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Big asteroid to fly by Earth Monday
The asteroid called 2004 BL86 will come about 745,000 miles from Earth, or about three times as far away as the moon." — CNN

On the truth front, All the World Has Been Turned Into a Stage and the People Have Been Duped Into Acting Upon It

***Fraud Negates Consent*** As the People WAKE UP, across the globe, to this Divine Universal TRUTH, corrupt governments and big-boy corporations begin to shake in their proverbial jackboots. For, this means the massive mountains of diabolical fraud perpetrated against the people for centuries -- used to control and destroy humankind -- will eventually become null and void.

From a previous forecast: "...many will begin to realize 'fraud negates consent', and some who are bold in nature will start taking action in huge effective ways for the good of us All."

At this time, more of THE BRAVE ONES are speaking out each and every day, thus revealing the insidious forms of indoctrination we the people have been subjected to for generation upon generation.

On the economic front, Worldwide, the Economic Misery Tsunamis and the People Battle Back, Eventually Turning the Tide

A new, Aquarian Age version of the Robin Hood story is taking shape, and will be a global phenomena. That is, there will be many Robin Hood leaders who inspire freedom from the dark-side system, from the greedy tyrants who now demand austerity, and a borg-like serfdom.

From a prior forecast: "Their psychopathic need to rule precludes any common sense or compassion.  This is about designing an artificial, genetically modifed world suited only to 'their' needs. This is about corralling humanity into a few tiny settlements, and getting rid of the 'wild untamed spirit' within us. This is about controlling and limiting the wilding abundance of the animal and plant kingdoms."

Also, this week, there is likely to be more big-bank scandals exposed. This will lead to greater activism against the fraudulent money system. Meanwhile, three more of the high-profile financially connected have gone to meet their makers under suspicious conditions. And here's the latest:

HEADLINE: "'Cheerful' Dutch Financier Becomes 4th ABN Amro Banker Suicide ~ 3rd Banker 'Suicide' Of 2015 CONTRIBUTOR: Mort Amsel. via ZeroHedge Following the deaths of 36 bankers last year, 2015 has got off to an inauspicious start with the reportedsuicide of Chris Van Eeghen - the 4th ABN Amro banker suicide in the last few years...

On the war front, A Turnpoint Week In the Unholy Mess That Is the Middle East

As more of the horrendous 'truth' comes gushing out like a thousand giant geysers -- about the black-hearted power players ruling the war theaters -- more of the people become AWAKE and AWARE.

Out of this, two major dynamics accelerate. Activism against war and the war mongers becomes a mighty human shout. And, more of the people turn their back on the gov-system to focus on forming their own independent communities.

Also, there is likely to be a major policy shift in one of the European countries.

On the tyranny-at-work front, Segments of the Population Rise Confronting the Militarized Police State ... this will phoenix-flash upward in strength at the year's midpoint.

As cops trapped by the dark-side establishment, continue committing heinous atrocities against the people, those on the good side of policing begin to unite and create their own front of resistance. This will, in the long term, lead to breakaway groups who side with the people, and provide protection from the Big Brother SWAT-stormtroopers.

On the communication front, Rise of the GooBorg... Or the Tech-Enforced Hive Mind ... the goal: humanity will swim in internet waters, oblivious as a fish to its watery home.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Google Chairman: 'The Internet Will Disappear' ... Starting with the headlined segment we see that the Executive Chairman of Google was asked for his predictions on the future of the web, where he answered "I will answer very simply that the Internet will disappear." That isn't the concerning portion though, that came after when he continued on to state "There will be so many IP addresses…so many devices, sensors, things that you are wearing, things that you are interacting with that you won’t even sense it. It will be part of your presence all the time. Imagine you walk into a room, and the room is dynamic. And with your permission and all of that, you are interacting with the things going on in the room."

On the home front, If You Dare Think For Yourself, You Are the Target To Be Drugged and Imprisoned in a Mental Health Facility

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "New Psychiatric Diagnosis Targets “Internet Conspiracy Theorists”
CONTRIBUTOR: common sense. The Obama administration has a new partner in crime and it is the American Psychiatric Association (APA). The APA created the new Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (5th Edition) which was recently adopted. DSM 5 is highly controversial and has sparked outrage from the mental health practitioners."

On the food front, Food Shortages Become More Apparent During the Next Several Months

As certain food items lessen or disappear on store shelves, and as prices climb, likely there will be civil discontent/disobedience. This 'could' boil over during the summer months in certain regions and big-city areas of the country.

Out of this, brutal martial-law enforcement 'could' be justified on the city streets of America. For, the dark-side controllers want to crush and rule the human spirit, to rip all sense of freedom away from the people.

Further, most of these food shortages are being, and will be 'caused' by machinations of the ruling, robber-baron elite. One of their Machiavellian tools: endless, oppressive gov-agency policies, codes, and regulations.

On the Frankenfood front, Saying NO to GMOs

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Russian Government Commission Opens Door for Ban on GMO Imports
Sustainable Pulse - The Russian Government’s Commission on Legislative Activities has approved a bill introduced by the Ministry of Science and Education aimed at improving Russia’s regulation of genetic engineering. The bill imposes a ban on the cultivation and breeding of genetically modified plants and animals in Russia, except for when used in scientific research."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Hungary Set to Initiate EU Alliance to Reject GM Crops
Sustainable Pulse - Hungary will initiate a joint alliance of European Union member states rejecting the use of genetically modified organisms in farming with the aim to make the entire European Union free from GMO crops, Hungarian farm minister Sándor Fazekas said on the sidelines of the Global Forum for Food and Agriculture in Berlin at the weekend."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "GMOs Were NEVER Proven Safe, PhD Explains
Christina Sarich | Yet the FDA Keeps Approving Them."

On the vaccine front, Headline-Snippet: "DISNEYLAND MEASLES OUTBREAK CAUSED BY VACCINE? People receiving CDC recommended doses of vaccine are still catching and passing on measles"

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "MMR measles vaccine clinical trial results FAKED by Big Pharma - shocking U.S. court documents reveal all" ~Sunday, January 25, 2015 by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

On the energy front, Energy Is a Natural Consequence of Living On Planet Earth... not a rare commodity to be doled out according to how rich you are, or are not.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "New Car Runs on Air and Water!   Bye Bye Gasoline!
Amazing technology from an Israeli company has created a new type of battery using aluminum, water and air that recharges the normal lithium ion thus giving this electric car a 1,000 mile range!   This type of technology has been hidden from us for a long time.  Be sure to also watch the second video... and you’ll hear from Gordon Duff of VeteransToday how we’ve had free energy and antigravity technology since 1945!  Spread this information everywhere so we can’t be kept slaves anymore!"

On the really bad news front, Water, One More Monstrous Bamboozle By the Big Cartel Boys ... Get Ready!

From DEBORAH TAVARES: "Report: URGENT REPORT: Global Water Intelligence - Water Market USA - Report Out of Oxford, England
This shocking plan identifies and exposes the corporate national and international government agencies, and bankers plan designed to secretly take over PUBLIC Water municipalities to privatize the water resources for corporate profit and control."

On the good news front, The Crack In the Cosmic Egg... and the Eternal Dance of Consciousness

At this massive spinpoint in Human and Earth history/herstory, the GREAT DIVIDE deepens, and society rends apart. Out of this, human connection, the heart-to-heart connection between people, animals, and sentience ITSELF, shines bright as the sun during summer noontime.

From a previous forecast: " begins the GREAT FALL of several prominent royal dynastic families. With the GREAT DIVIDE between the Haves and Have Nots increasing horrifically each and every day, many of the people will turn their proverbial backs, and activists will demand the end of their allegedly 'ceremonial' rule.

At this time of the Great Divide, it becomes more dangerous and more challenging to live on planet Earth. However, the return to self-power, and the recognition that we are ALL magical beings is, and will be, the greatest reward."

On the good tech front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "See the World’s Greatest Stolen Artworks in This Virtual-Reality Museum
Remarkable project provides virtual visitors with a look at pilfered artwork as well as historic artifacts that were lost in wars." — Wired

On the global mafia cabal front, The Tower of Evil Falls On Its Constructors ... crumbling, crashing, then finally crushing...

This week will not prove to be 'successful' for the new world order criminals as they beat the drums of world war faster, harder, and with a desperation that causes a worldwide stench.

For, as many more of us AWAKEN, ever more pairs of eyes gaze upon their evildoing and say NO. No, we will not surrender. No, we will not comply, and we will not buy your lies, your smoke-and-mirrors deception. And, we will not buy your big-corp, life-killing products.

Meanwhile, like whipped dogs some in the population will follow these dark-hearted psychopaths to the end. And, like lemmings, some will run off the cliff merely at their political command.

It is time to mentally and spiritually prepare for this Earth-monumental battle of good versus evil.

On the ugly 'sci-fi reality' front,  HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Harvard Prof: Government Mosquito Drones Will Extract Your DNA
Paul Joseph Watson | “Privacy is dead,” academic tells Davos elite."

On the heroine front, In memoriam of Janis Joplin, a woman for her time, and far beyond her time ... BLURB: Remembering Janis Joplin ~ First hour guest, John Byrne Cooke, was a filmmaker and road manager for Janis Joplin, and shared details of the first female rock and roll superstar's life and work. Cooke worked as part of D.A. Pennebaker's film crew at the Monterey Pop Festival in 1967, and Joplin's performance with Big Brother & the Holding Company really put them on the musical map, he shared. While working as the road manager for Joplin in 1969, when she was touring as a solo act with a back-up band, she went through hard times, and increased her usage of alcohol and drugs, Cooke reported. Joplin seemed to be on the upswing in 1970, exploring new dimensions in her vocals, and forming a new touring band, so it was all the more tragic when she overdosed on heroin and alcohol, Cooke said, adding that he was the one who discovered her body in a Los Angeles hotel room.

On the hero front, Craig Campobasso ... Emmy-nominated casting director ... talked about his film career and current projects, including his directorial debut, Stranger at the Pentagon, which won Best Sci-Fi Short Film at the 2014 Burbank Film Festival. Campobasso, who also wrote and produced "Stranger at the Pentagon" based it upon the popular UFO book of the same name written by Frank Stranges in 1967. Stranges described a divine being named Valiant Thor who allegedly came to Earth from Venus with a mission to help eliminate disease and poverty, and extend people's lives. Thor was said to meet with Pres. Eisenhower in 1957, who put him on a VIP status, so that he could live at the Pentagon for a three-year period in order to work on implementing his plan.
In 1959, Stranges said he met a woman from the Pentagon who introduced him to Valiant Thor. Earlier, retired Air Force photographer August Roberts took images of three beings at contactee Howard Menger's home, whom he believed were "space people," including Valiant Thor, who was said to have no palm prints. Thor's spaceship "Victor One" is 300 ft. in diameter and stationed at Lake Mead, Campobasso recounted. For more on Stranges' account of Valiant Thor, view this short documentary.

On the Antarctica front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "After drilling through a half mile of ice in Antarctica researchers made a surprising discovery: fish, crustaceans and jellyfish living and thriving in the brutally cold and dark waters beneath the Ross Ice Shelf. The find opens new questions about life in extreme ecosystems, such as we may find on other planets and moons. "This is the closest we can get to something like Europa," said University of California glaciologist Slawek Tulaczyk. More at Discovery News."

On the freedom front, The Human Allergy Against Authority Accelerates... And Resistance Prevails

Mega-powerful, now the true spirit of the people soars as the militaristic crackdown ramps up. This defiance, this massive resistance by many, happens in a myriad of creative-innovative ways. And the spirit of SWAMP FOX continues to firestorm across the country.

From a previous forecast: "the warrior spirit of the people rises. As 'we the people' are brutally reined in, our activities severely limited by the ruling regime... now the renegade warriors go extreme. This will happen in several ways, including 'shunning' the system -- and using the wily tactics of the Revolutionary War hero called the Swamp Fox...
...Once again in American history, the unquenchable fighting spirit of the SWAMP FOX, rises. ~ "General Francis Marion *The Swamp Fox* used guerilla war tactics to outwit the British troops during the American Revolution."~

Trendwise, this week initiates a major shift in overall American culture. As the people wise up, and take action against their oppressors, the trend will gravitate to self-sufficiency, to living on the land, and within protected communities. Already, there is a mass movement  out of big cities and other areas of dense population. This will only accelerate and become a general migration across the country.

However, to counterattack this shift in culture and consciousness, the big bad establishment-bureaucracy will use more stormtrooper tactics to halt this flight, all while enforcing policies to corral and keep the people trapped inside cities. Also, the branding by chip seriously escalates via the so-called *affordable health care*. BEWARE!

Further, the BEAM ME UP, SCOTTY future is in reach for some.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Beam me up Scotty: German scientists invent working teleporter, of sorts New system destructively scans objects transmits them through encrypted communications across any distance and rebuilds it the other side"

And, Vampires Beware! There's a New Bat in Town.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Vampire bat drone walks and flies
Talking a cue from vampire bats, which can both fly and walk, researchers have built a drone that works on land and in the air." — Discovery News

THIS WEEK, sit and/or walk in the sunshine whenever possible. Soak in the light, and let your imagination wander. 

 Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


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