Monday, July 21, 2014

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ July 21, 2014

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #307 

This week's theme: The True Past of Humankind Dramatically Reveals Itself

On every front, the real history/herstory of our planet, Earth, and of the sentient races who have inhabited, built megalithic civilizations, and contributed to the genome... is being REVEALED nonstop. This, despite every attempt by the 'nefarious cabal' to control and crush THE TRUTH.

Blurb-snippet: "Are we really aliens? Was there a race of giants that once inhabited the Americas?"

On the truth front, a mammoth-sized month ahead for the human race. As *TRUTHS* long denied to most of us, explode, then expand planet-wide. Now, turnpoint decisions must be made.

For the destiny of each one of us is on the proverbial doorstep. Do we progress and live among the stars? Or do we fall before the mass media lies perpetrated by those who have the most to lose -- those psychopathic puppeteers who are on the ultimate power trip.

On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' cast forth their collective and magnificent power to hyper-jump the evolution-revolution of humanity at this critical point in our cosmic timeline. Be aware of your potential as never before, and continue to tap into your own powers. Then take right action.

For, this is how the good among us will rise, and wing above the diabolically orchestrated CHAOS of our times. In truth, our strength is limitless, large as the greater universe. But we must grow into this grand power like children growing into a new set of clothes.

On the personal front, this week, likely there will be spikes of 'up and down'. This means both your emotional state and life events. Prepare to surf these extreme waves.

For the immediate future, it will become crucial to learn how to manage the troughs and the top of the wave. Grab those opportunities that *will* arrive, and hang on during those times of trial and scarcity.

Thus, at this time, all of us of like mind and heart need to come together.

On the paranormal front, TIME slips and slides, the strands and streams weaving together at lightspeed now. This will cause episodes of confusion among the populace, and some zombie-like behavior.

As well, these quick alterations in the time stream will cause the psycho, psychopathic Viper elite to make major mistakes. This will become obvious midweek to anyone *watching* for the signs.

For an understanding of the time dimension, listen to Whitley Strieber interview Starfire Tor. Blurb-snippet: "Toward the end of the program, Whitley Strieber springs a new timeslip on her. Something that he has possessed for years has suddenly and inexplicably changed. How? Is it because he has moved between timelines? If so, why does this happen?

On the land changes front, BOOM-SUPER BOOM-MEGA BOOM ... Earthquakes quicken, more volcanoes awaken worldwide and erupt on the sea floor. Superstorms strike one after another, strafe shorelines, and dump rivers of water causing floods. In other areas, wildfires rage out of control while the drought deepens. Mudslides, sinkholes, and in the coming months, there are likely to be mega windstorms.

In the meantime, land rises forming new islands. Within the center of the Earth herself shifts in energy are occurring, which, in part, are responsible for weakening the magnetic field.

However, the real danger: the weather and earthquake wars being waged between high-level factions of the dark-side controllers. Some of this will be mitigated by the Benevolents who are on the side of humanity.

On the AWAKENING front, now in the human consciousness, oppression goes the way of the dinosaur. While this will not be universal, a tipping point is about to be reached. This means less and less of us will tolerate being suppressed-oppressed by the dark-side powers that be. 

For, within the sacred landscape of the soul, the desire to live free, to determine our own lives, becomes a greater part of WHO we are. Freedom beckons us, a shining beacon leading to a bold and beautiful future.

On the economic front, this week, now 'cartoon crazy town' meets 'it's a mad, mad world'. Prepare for the worst while creating a better future by 'creatively' participating in your own local economy. For now, the bankster gangsters are going berserker wacko, eating their own, and vampirically sucking the last drops of life out of the worldwide economy.

Likely cyber attacks will continue against financial institutions. This will be used as an excuse to herd, then corral people into a global biometric ID system. However, major resistance will flare up across the globe, and regions will go their own economic way.

Later this week, there 'could' be a world-stage event that will tumble the stock markets and the world of finance, like ice cubes thrown inside a high-speed commercial dryer. This will, of course, all be orchestrated -- but in the end, will not get the sinister job done for the black-hearted Viper elite.

On the war front, likely congress will appear to go ballistic against the Great Bear, the goal to ramp up a new cold war. This, to enforce a greater tyranny and demand even higher taxation.

Some of the people will revolt. Others will tout and tow the party line.

Sadly, the brutal, pillaging wars in the Middle East escalate as the new world order criminals cheer behind the scenes, and believe their 'world war' is just around the proverbial corner. However, there are White Hat forces that will put certain 'checks' in place. And the people of the world DO NOT want war.

Meanwhile, China becomes the dog of war on the high seas, and the occupier of nations via buying up their assets. Simultaneously, Japan becomes the fierce dragon seeking a new home while wanting dominance in their region.

This week, look for another huge 'false flag' event that will be used as a *reason* for war.

On the tyranny-at-work front, this week will be monstrous. Revolution, the refusal to comply, simmers below the surface, and is about to boil over in certain segments of the population. This might not be obvious where you are, in your particular community, nevertheless the tide of activism continues to rise fast.

As well, in some key areas of the country the American spirit will not be defeated by the wrecking ball that is the dark-side establishment. The people will successfully seek out ways to stay afloat, and take care of each other's needs.

On the communication front, many more of us in this culture will now have telepathic type communication with our loved ones, our ancestors that have passed onto the 'other side'. While this will be a gradual process overall, such communication will become ever more commonplace as we progress in the Aquarian Age.

At this point in history, language itself is being lost by some in the cyber generation. This is mostly by design of the dark-side social engineers. However, on the opposite side, there is a renaissance of language, a majestic flowering of creative expression by those who are tuned into this cosmic turnpoint.

On the home front, fostering the herd mentality with mind control methods is one endgame of the Military Industrial Complex. However, ultimately the human spirit cannot be contained.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Air Force research: How to use social media to control people like drones 'Containment control' model looks at how groups of influencers can manipulate people. ~ by Sean Gallagher - July 17 2014 ~ Facebook isn’t the only organization conducting research into how attitudes are affected by social media. The Department of Defense has invested millions of dollars over the past few years investigating social media, social networks, and how information spreads across them." 

On the food front, the people are waking up to the consciousness that food is one of our best medicines.

As well... HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Health Ranger reveals brush with poverty, financial survival and urgent warning for humanity's future ~ Saturday, July 19, 2014
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger ~ Natural News was a key voice in this rapid transformation of health consciousness, climbing from zero influence to now reaching over 7 million unique readers every month. We were also part of a rising community of such voices which also include Dr. Joseph Mercola, Ronnie Cummins of the OCA, John Robbins, David Wolfe, Jeffrey Smith and many more. Each of us brought a unique personality and activism style to the internet, reaching out to tens of millions of readers with a message the world was hungry to hear: FOOD can be your medicine; and YES the corporations are lying to you most of the time...

...Refugees only exist in our world because governments go bad. Wars only take place because governments fail to protect the peace. Today's failed system of medicine is held in place entirely by government corruption and monopolistic practices, trapping hundreds of millions of world citizens in a system of medicine that only causes disease, suffering and financial destitution..."

On the energy front, this week many will notice their lack of personal energy. At this time, enough energy will be at a premium for a lot of us. This is largely due to harmful environmental factors, and the forced pace of our lives within this society.

Also, the extreme change in frequencies as we transition into the Aquarian Age is taking a toll on our bodily systems. We require time to adjust, to normalize. Whenever you are able to relax, to rest, take full advantage.

On the really bad news front, this week, the decline of the dollar will cause a larger impoverished population, and all the consequences thereof. At the same time, this will also provide new, unlimited, off the grid opportunities.

Further, there 'could' be an incident this coming week, or the next, which will trigger large protests.

Meanwhile... HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "AMERICANS PROTEST AMNESTY IN 319 CITIES Rallies strong despite 'media blackout' from CNN, CBS, NBC, Fox News" 
On the good news front, many lightworkers on the planet are working diligently and in their own unique way to assist humankind's advancement toward a beauteous and wonderfully creative life. The closer you move to your heart center, the more the current hurdles in your personal life, and in the world at large, will serve advancement into the Aquarian Age.

For, through this heart path, the world is born anew for ALL.

Also, for the betterment of life on Earth, the backyard inventors are out in force. This explosive-growth movement will not be stopped, despite vicious crackdowns by the beast system.

On the global mafia cabal front, this week, metaphorically Toto pulls the curtain back on the mega-march of the globalist cabal toward One World domination. This is mostly observed by their 'divide and conquer' tactics designed to rip the world apart, both economically and socially. Or, order out of chaos... by means of war and more war.

At this point on the cosmic timeline, the Viper cabal is being thwarted on several levels. Yet, the human race must step up to the plate, and claim their right to rule their own lives.

On the heroine and hero front, all the *truthtellers* on the frontlines of the information war. For only facing the 'truth, the whole truth' -- as Luke Skywalker faced the truth that Darth Vader was his father -- will turn the tsunami of upcoming events in favor of humankind. For, as it's been said: the truth will set us free.

On the freedom front, the battle for freedom goes into maximum high gear. There are those who have been born for these times, for this flashpoint of destiny. Now, many of them take the lead, but not the reins. For, the people, as a whole, are in charge of shifting the Pisces Age paradigm from enslavement to liberty.

From a prior forecast: "Meanwhile, more and more of the people powerfully rear up against tyranny and stampede toward freedom. With fierce purpose and intent, they prepare to take their stand, all while spreading these symbolic words far and wide: "the British are coming"."

Trendwise, on a societal and spiritual level, ALL is being re-created, re-imagined. That is, the interpersonal dance of one to another changes as more of us dance to our own tune -- boldly dance to our own drum. This, while learning how to heart-and-soul dance, or partner with those who are part of our community.

Resistance to this re-imagining, this personal freedom, will be widespread. And metaphorically some of us will be burned at the stake of put-down, of condemnation. For, such soul freedom will revolutionize life on this planet, and threatens those who hold the cruel whip, the restrictive reins of power.

Also, within the next couple of weeks, there 'could' be a major change in who is at the top of the establishment heap.

THIS WEEK, is about the joy of dance... dancing itself... and how we dance through our lives. Take time to either, dance as you enjoy most and/or feel your constant dance with the energies of LIFE. 

 Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~ 


Pat C. said...

I always have a lack of personal energy. It comes from not exercising.

What happened to the civil war in Iran? I thought the insurgents were taking over the country. Right before July 4 it was all over the news and there was panic gas prices would go up. Then suddenly it's no longer a headline and gas prices actually dropped. Did I miss something?

Granted, these days I get most of my headline news from a morning radio show, on which last week two of the DJs talked like '30s gangsters for an hour. This week they're going to talk like Valley Girls. Nevertheless, reporting remains somewhat accurate.

Pat C. said...

Or was it Iraq? I think it was Iraq. The one we invaded and overthrew the government.

Savanna Kougar said...

Hey Pat, sorry I missed your comments. There was an Arab-Spring movement in Iran, that was basically crushed... I forget the exact time frame. Currently, Iraq is being decimated, the people murdered in droves, by the western-backed and funded terrorists called ISIS. It's a horror scene.