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Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ June 23, 2014

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #303

The theme this week: The Dark-side Controllers Fight to Monopolize the Megaphone of Reality... for, worldwide, they are losing all support.

On the land changes front, supercharged weather and land-change events, some catastrophic, are in the near future. For, the Earth is energetically accelerating toward reinventing herself.

Also, the Sun, the Great Lion Star, is altering the solar system. The cosmic time is here. Prepare for massive changes on the planet down the road.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Seismic flare-ups leave scientists searching for answers: But volcanoes seem to be waking up all across the chain. Shishaldin, Cleveland and Veniaminoff in the eastern and central Aleutians have been on alert for months now..."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "World’s largest active volcano shows signs of life in Hawaii ~ Reuters | The world’s largest active volcano, has rumbled back to life in Hawaii."

On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' ruthlessly cut and swipe through the blackest sorcery of the Viper magicians. For now, their mighty lightblades sling this evil mud back onto those who have perpetuated this soulless conjuring. Around these black-hearted Vipers grows a darkness that will be witnessed more and more by ALL.

The witnessing... this will be key to how the world's future is shaped, rearranged, and universally changed. Because destiny will be in the hands of those who are on the heart-centered path.

On the personal front, again, a challenging week ahead for many of us as more CHANGES barrel down upon us. However, opportunity also shines bright as the full moon. This will likely be by making key connections with others... those who are in our lives now... as well as those we meet for the first time. For, 'good-good vibe' connections are 'the path' in the Aquarian Age.

Further, this week is about organizing one part of your life. This 'could' be around finances, or simply how you spend your energy.

On the paranormal front, this week, the Other Side, as it's known, will initiate contact. That is, more of us will receive communications from loved ones who have passed over. Or, our pets on the other side will show up in etheric form, and/or in our dreams.

This 'contact' is crucial at this point in time. For, the merging of the other-side dimension with the Earth plane now accelerates. Since ALL is frequency-based, this will assist in bringing about a new, brighter ascension for every being.

However, CONTACT can be a double-edged sword. Take precautions to only allow this type of contact with loved ones, with higher beings who have your best interests at heart. For, the lower entities are on the loose.

Further, on a fun-serious note: HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Aloha, aliens: Landing pad for extra terrestrials in Kalapana ~ A UFO landing pad and star visitor sanctuary is set to be dedicated Friday on land accreted by the 1983 lava flow fronting Uncle Robert’s Kawa Bar in Kalapana. — Hawaii Tribune Herald"

On the AWAKENING front, humanity is now being bombarded by the higher spiritual energies, especially around becoming a true 'free spirit'. For, here it comes, this deep-soul REALIZATION: there is no limit to freedom when all voices are heard.

As well, the overall AWAKENING of humankind continues to firestorm across the world. This can be observed most easily in how often the people -- all over the planet -- refuse to be corralled by 'societal programming'.

On the economic front, comes the great cascade of the domino-rigged economy. This ramps up during the summer months in the major cities. Or, as the stock market rises, the Depression deepens.

At this point in history, the bankster-gangster minions of the establishment will lose control of the money monster they have greedily designed. Thus, all chaos-heck breaks loose in some sectors of society. This won't be fun.

However, this chaos also means there is a wild-west OPPORTUNITY to create your local economy anew, to make it viable and rich and free-flowing. For, humanity is endlessly creative, inventive, and innovative. It merely takes good will toward ALL, and perspiration.

On the truth front, the forecast from the past week only trends bigger and badder: "MEGA-HUGE *TRUTHS* bombast the world. That is, for those with the ears to hear, the eyes to see, and the willingness to KNOW.

Trial and tribulation by TRUTH is here. For, the enormous amount of 'truths' that have been hidden from humanity are being REVEALED -- especially our true past on Earth.

Also, look for more military- industrial-complex CORRUPTION and SCANDALS to hit the news, even the presstitute media. For, the stench is overwhelming at this point in history."

On the war front, the endless conflict and wars being played out on the world-stage chessboard are currently being used as the Great Circus-Circus Distraction. Hey! Fear this terror-war over here, but don't dare look at the collapse-decline of your community -- at your individual life and that of your neighbors in the ever-falling economy.

At this time, the Russian Bear goes head to fang to claw with one super faction of the new world order criminals. This will get ugly fast. However, good angels side with those who battle on the right side of history.

This week, look for the war move-countermoves of the Viper elite. Because human life means nothing to them -- except as blood sacrifices to their god.

On the tyranny-at-work front, now *false flag* events become a dime a dozen as the dark-side controllers do all in their power to herd the people into imprisoning corrals, and take away their means of defense. Sadly, as the year progresses, these false-flag attacks will 'likely' target schools, shopping areas, sporting events, and transportation hubs.

HOWEVER, exposing the real culprits via the now-dominant alternative media -- also the prayers and the collective will of the people -- can stop many of these horrific events. Let it be so.

On the communication front, The Brutal March of Censorship is Here ... new web programs block 'controversial' sites for military personnel, at libraries, and schools. For, the dark-side controllers want you to exist in the darkness of their lies and manufactured deception -- where intelligence and the beauty of the soul cease to exist.

For, these behind-the-scene vipers want you to depend on their false versions of the truth. East is West. South is North. And two plus two equals five.

On the home front, the drug-cartel border war rages, and has been more lethal than the number of troops lost in Afghanistan. Now, in the latest move by the 'new world order' controllers, the southern border has been opened, the border patrol pulled. It's open season on the county.

Say "bye, bye, Miss American Pie."

On the food front, with the superstorms of life upon us, as well as skyrocketing food prices, it's always wise to stock up fast as possible. Also, more of the people WAKE UP to this planned, sinister orchestration of reducing the overall food supply in America, while gutting the dollar of even more value. Beware, take care, and prepare.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Awesome: Oregon Aims to Be First State to Map GMO Fields ~ Christina Sarich | After reading this article, you just may be willing to move to Oregon – the state that just keeps getting better and better."

On the energy front, with precision-guided evil, clean-burning power plants are being forced to shut down because of gov-corp policy. This means, of course, less and much more expensive energy.

Whatever you can do to create-build your own energy systems, do it! And help others. It is imperative at this point.

On the really bad news front, due to several Machiavellian dynamics, within a year's time, several of the major cities will likely collapse and become unlivable. As has been stated before: Get out on the land and/or move into smaller towns, preferably with like-minded people. Become as independent as possible while cooperating with one another.

Currently, there are high-vibe communities, what are called 'safe zones'. If you're a spiritual match for these areas, then tune in, and listen for guidance.

On the good news front, this week the real TRUTHS about our world gain a stronger foothold in the overall consciousness of humankind. This means more of us will WAKE UP, and take much-needed action.

Also, the BENEVOLENTS among us are ramping up their assistance. For, the more 'we the people' step up to the plate to determine our own fate, the more help can be provided.

On the global mafia cabal front, retro: back to the 1920s gang-style warfare, as the minion-factions of the Viper elite battle it out in this endgame to take dominion of Earth.

Look for more mass chaos in the financial markets. Now the big-corp banks go to war with each other, all while plundering the people by psychopathically stealing their last bits of wealth.

Likely more high-profile deaths will occur at this time as well.

On the heroine front, Yvonne Smith, a longtime, intrepid researcher in the UFO field. ~ SNIPPET: "In this four-hour special, George Knapp welcomed UFO researcher *Yvonne Smith* for a discussion about a mass abduction that took place on Coronado Island in San Diego.

On the hero front, John Rhodes, CryptoHunter, and longtime investigator of the Reptoid mystery -- where most fear to tread. SNIPPET: "...cryptozoologist *John Rhodes* talked about the mystery of what ate a great white shark, and shared updates on the Reptoids and other strange creatures."

On the freedom front, a MAJOR week ahead, as the searing, spiritual need for freedom is ignited in the heart of humanity. Bucking, kicking, rearing like captured wild horses, many more of the people now break free of the dark-side's mass programming.

Also, as the blinders are removed, the condition called 'culture shock' takes hold of society in general. However, the intrepid heart, the human spirit emerge quickly, and those who desire real freedom beyond all else, now take hold of the reins.

From last week's forecast: "Many will now equate freedom with being on the land, and rightly so. Thus, the BRAVE ONES and the RENEGADES OF LIGHT continue to move out of the major cities, and either settle in small towns or build homesteads. At the same time, the cyber war between freedom lovers and the transhumanist-skynet crowd goes super nova."

Trendwise, China is likely to take center stage as the new power on the block. However, this is mostly illusion, a mass-media stage trick to further destroy the people's hope and morale. For, many of the people in China are battling back against their heinous enslavement.

Further, the flashpoint battle for freedom, the freedom to run our own lives is raging worldwide. This will be heightened, and spurred on by the continued collapse of the global economy.

As well, the real past continues to reveal itself. HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "1,600-Year-Old Goblet Shows that the Romans Used Nanotechnology ~ By April Holloway ~ The Lycurgus Cup, as it is known due to its depiction of a scene involving King Lycurgus of Thrace, is a 1,600-year-old jade green Roman chalice that changes colour depending on the direction of the light upon it. It baffled scientists ever since the glass chalice was acquired by the British Museum in the 1950s. They could not work out why the cup appeared jade green when lit from the front but blood red when lit from behind."

THIS WEEK, take the time to dream a little dream of what and who inspired you most during your childhood. For, this is crucial in moving forward. 

 Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Pat C. said...

The ETs better be careful about landing in Hawaii, if the volcanoes are set to go off. I'd invite them here to land in PA, but they might get caught in a sinkhole. Is there any safe place on the planet?

And don't say Oregon. My b***h of a sister-in-law is from there.

Savanna Kougar said...

Gosh, good question about where is safe to land... however, the ETs just might have the tech to handle about any situation... with the exception of your sister-in-law, of course.