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Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ May 19, 2014

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #298 

Theme: Turmoil Tsunamis Across the Globe as the Heart of Humanity Awakens and Ascends

This week, the purge of the dark-side psychopaths begins. At first, this will look like the fall of their corp-govminions from grace. However, this is still a gradual process, but will dramatically increase soon.

On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' savagely swing their lightblades cutting down the evil construct that has imprisoned humankind for far too long. The culture-shock revelations pouring forth will be difficult for many to understand, let alone believe.

However, those who do brave the forthcoming revelations, instead of hiding inside the dark-side's Movie-World fantasy, will lead the way. The prison break is here.

On the personal front, likely a strange-universe week for many. However, this will be mixed with good opportunities to improve your life situation. Choose wisely how you allocate your time and energy during next several months. For, it becomes ever more critical in these tumultuous, fast-changing times.

Also, look for ways to expand your horizons as far as meeting those of like mind, and those you personally resonate with. For, this is the foundation for living well in the Aquarian age.

On the paranormal front, dimensional beings -- the good, bad, ugly, and beautiful -- will be seen and experienced more and more. With the rise in humanity's consciousness and the thinning barriers, such contact will only accelerate.

This also opens the proverbial stargate for certain types of time travelers. Likely the future time traveler known as John Titor will visit this time-stream once more during the latter months of 2014. His mission will be far different than before. For, the mass consciousness of humanity has leaped, AWAKENED faster in this cyclic loop in the quantum temporal spiral.

On the land changes front, the weather superstorm wars between several major countries, and between two dark-side global factions now rages worldwide -- but specifically along coastlines. On the good side, Beneficent forces will mitigate some of the more disastrous events.

As never before, it is wise to be aware, take care, and prepare for huge weather and 'land change' events. Further, in part, because of the sun's cosmic strikes, the weather systems will be in chaos, as will the Earth's inner core. Prepare as if you are about to live in a big-disaster movie.

On the economic front, heaps o' trouble ahead, worldwide. The economic war being waged by the Viper elite against humanity will be front and center during the summer months.

In opposition, protests and riots explode over the face of the planet. As well, countries continue to align themselves against the petrodollar in a bid to remove the empire's brutal suppression of the world economy.

Meanwhile, the dark-side's cyber takedown of the bank-fiat system continues. The White Hat hackers battle back on many fronts at this point in history. This puts a huge crimp in using economic disaster as an excuse to establish a global tyranny.

On the truth front, mountains of corruption plus new heinous scandals emerge, exposing the psychopathic mucky-mucks who believe they are better than the people. This will be due to berserker infighting with each other, as well as the dictates of the cosmic time clock.

For, TRUTH is our savior, if we the people will only see it, acknowledge the revelations, then REAR UP, AND SEIZE THE DAY.

On the war front, the threat of open civil war hangs like a dagger over the country. Meanwhile, pockets of civil war continue erupting in Ukraine, fomented by western-backed mercenaries.

As well, the empire strikes in Africa but the deep dark continent will strike back eventually. China muscles Vietnam but the bully is getting bushwhacked.

The war drums for a world war become deafening this week, all while brush fires of conflict are lit wherever the Viper elite can aim their flamethrowers.

However, the hearts of humanity want peace for ALL.

On the tyranny-at-work front, a rough week ahead as the police state expands, brutalizes the innocent and veterans in ever greater numbers, and shows off their paramilitary might.

Also, if you're a farmer/rancher or dare to grow food, Big Ag is coming for you via the USDA. Unless, we the people stand up and say NO MORE.

DCClothesLine - The United States Department of Agriculture is set to purchase an unknown quantity of submachine guns, leading to questions about where the weapons will be heading and for what purpose they will be used."

HEADLINE: "USDA goes paramilitary: Organic certifier buying submachine guns with night sites, 30-round magazines"

HEADLINE: "USDA-REQUEST FOR BID-Ballistic Vests Level IIIA Ballistic Resistance of body armor."

On the AWAKENING front, now the rise of HEMP wisdom permeates the world. This is one Divine answer to transitioning from a world of poverty to a renaissance culture of prosperity.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Kentucky Sues DEA To Free Its Impounded Hemp Seeds
Huffington Post - Kentucky on Wednesday sued the federal government for return of agricultural hemp seeds seized by the Drug Enforcement Administration after the agency told state officials they would have to apply for a permit to get them back. The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Louisville, names the DEA, the Department of Justice, Customs and Border Protection and Attorney General Eric Holder, according to the complaint, obtained by HuffPost."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Tennessee Governor Signs Bill Authorizing Hemp Cultivation
NASHVILLE, May 15, 2014- Yesterday, Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam (R) signed a bill which some supporters consider the strongest pro-hemp legislation in the country. House Bill 2445 (HB2445), introduced by Rep. Jeremy Faison (R-Cosby) and Senator Frank Niceley (R-Strawberry Plains) mandates that the state authorize the growing and production of industrial hemp within Tennessee."

On the communication front, a breakthrough week on several fronts. The people worldwide are communicating with each other like never before via the internet. This 'bonding' will cause an even greater grassroots understanding, an AWAKENING, of how the world really works on a grand scale.

Thus, activism against the dark-side global controllers becomes a force to be reckoned with, and fast. Also, this internet way of bonding will be enhanced by the mind-to-mind connection that is called the Aquarian Conspiracy.

From previous forecasts: "Out of this, across the globe, the UPRISING of the people against the Viper-Robber-Baron elite accelerates at a blistering pace. This will not be a leader-focused movement, but more a melding of minds ala the Aquarian Conspiracy...

..."at this point in history, many realize governmental restrictions are now obsolete in the face of the Aquarian Conspiracy -- or the ability of humanity to live and love from their spiritual center, from their caring hearts...

IN OPPOSITION ~ from a previous forecast: "The New Inquisition is Here... Shutting Down the Aquarian Conspiracy.

That is, the dark-side controllers will use every diabolical method to shut down the mind and heart bond humans form with each other. This connection is part of what the Aquarian Age is all about, or what was called the Aquarian Conspiracy by author, Marilyn Ferguson, in her 1980 best-selling book, "Aquarian Conspiracy"."

On the home front, out of the ashes of apathy rises the spirit of 1776. That is, a key percentage of the people charge forward demanding the right to live free, the right to run free over the range that is their life path.

Also, this week brings more evidence of 'false flags' that were orchestrated to separate people from their right to bear and keep arms -- their divine right to protect themselves and their loved ones.

On the food front, from this point forward, the dark-side's enforcement and bureaucratic minions, attack the food supply with a viciousness that will leave most of us stunned and disbelieving.

Out of this artificial scarcity -- a propaganda meme that will be pounded on by the presstitute media -- more of us swiftly realize how important food is, and take action. For the Viper cabal will demand austerity on a planet that is nothing but absolute abundance.

In truth, there is plenty for humankind, animals, and plants... for all of us... if we but care for Mother Earth, and lovingly tend the lands instead of abandoning the Mother's fertile land to these 'elite' enemies of humanity. For, the belief that residing in sardine-cramped cities will save the Earth is a massive deception.

On the energy front, a massive week as more of us become AWARE of the giant hoax ruining our lives -- that over-expensive petroleum products are needed to produce electricity, and run vehicles. For, a plethora of working designs and prototypes exist now, and would essentially free humanity to be the wildly wonderful creative beings we are at heart. Or who we are at the soul level.

In truth, energy virtually lives in the air all around us. It is merely a matter of collection and distribution as the genius, Tesla, demonstrated.

On the really bad news front, the CIRCUS CIRCUS distractions become a deafening roar at this time. Meanwhile, every form of nefarious law, code, rule and regulation is put on the proverbial books. This, to make everyone a criminal, and therefore, to be subject to law enforcement' pickups and raids -- and to legalize the armed-to-the-teeth bureaucracy agents.

On the good news front, more of the people spread out on the land. This will be ongoing despite every sinister tactic to herd and corral the people into 'acceptable' small areas. Also, in opposition to the federal land grab, many will form 'protection' communities' somewhat reminiscent of the dynastic ranching/farming empires of the Old West.

On the global mafia cabal front, as the stench of the Viper elite surrounds the world, the people get more of a whiff. Rebellion magnificently rises across the globe.

In evil response, the cabal controllers flaunt their war-machine power, and use this might to crush uprisings that do not serve their Machiavellian interests. Further, they hold the carrot of transhumanism out to the people, as if they will actually be included in this false-god paradise.

On the heroine and hero front, all those BRAVE ONES who humanely farm and ranch... all those who grow food gardens... in these perilous times.

On the freedom front, the coming tax revolution and revolt. Even now, filings are down. While, at this time, this could be due to the impoverishment of the people, more are reaching the understanding that they are essentially braiding the rope to hang themselves.

Out of this, both a quiet and a noisy revolt firestorms across the country. Some will simply not comply, shunning the system. While others will take their voice to the streets, to the internet, and demand reform and/or the elimination of the IRS and the Federal Reserve.

Trendwise, the stranger-than-fiction world we live in becomes even more apparent to those with the eyes and the will to see. This includes the beyond-belief disappearances and deaths as outlined, or revealed by author, David Paulides, on

More Missing Persons

Date:     05-18-14
Host:     George Knapp
Guests:     David Paulides

David Paulides, a former lawman turned investigative journalist, joined George Knapp for the entire 4 hour program to update us with even more bizarre stories of missing persons in national parks and forests throughout the United States, as well as other countries. He described additional victims, new locations and circumstances, while outlining several new geographical clusters where people have vanished without a trace. "There's almost a hopscotch effect on the missing people-- there aren't a lot in one location within a short period of time because that would really raise awareness" and suspicion, he noted. The biggest cluster in the world is Yosemite-- "there's something about being in a boulder field, or being around granite that can be dangerous. A lot of people disappear in those areas," he continued.

Also on the near horizon, there will be radical changes in the high-end fashion world, as well as the fashion world in general. The times they are a'changin'. Super fast.

THIS WEEK, allow Nature to fill you with her good, good vibes, and watch the critters around you. For, they might have a fun or valuable story to tell. 

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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