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My Sexy Saturday ~ His Claimed Bride, Happy New Year On Another Earth

Sexy Saturday kisses, everyone. Hope the New Year is treating you right.

Once upon a time I wrote an entire flash-scene novel, or 200 hundred words each day, as an experimental free read. Sylva and Zeke's love story began on New Year's Eve 2008. Originally, this paranormal erotic romance was titled: Happy Courtship on Another Earth.

With the new year upon me, I decided to compile my flash-scene novel, about 160,000 words – give it a read-through, then Indie publish it in flash-scene form. I've changed the title to: His Claimed Bride, Happy New Year On Another Earth.

The fabulous 'perfect for the story' cover art was designed by erotic romance author, Serena Shay, one of our SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS authors. Ain't it just too lovely?!

I haven't completed the read-through quite yet. And, of course, a bit of revision is happening. However, most of the necessary formatting has been completed. So, I'm *hoping* to have HIS CLAIMED BRIDE available soon.


In the meantime, here are SEVEN flash scenes from HIS CLAIMED BRIDE. Sylva and Zeke are in a large sunken whirly tub, as they call it on his Earth.


Sylva pulled her foot from Zeke's hands, then lifted his 'big' buoyant foot onto her lap. "I love how you talk to me, cowboy." Massaging his upper foot, she watched him ease back and relax. Still, his gaze felt like fire on her skin. "It's a wonder we're not steaming up the place," she teased, yet a part of her did wonder. The intensity of his gaze didn't lessen, and he gave her a half grin. "It's all in the air, darlin'. Got a system here that removes some of the moisture and turns it into an internal water system." 


Zeke watched his woman's face light up with curiosity. Damn, if she didn't have the best little hands. "We don't have to rely on an outside source," he continued. His Sylva studied him a moment. "You mean like a giant de-humidifier?" Nodding, Zeke figured he might as well keep talking before he grabbed her and commenced with a full-on seduction. "Yep, like that. Everything at the Center is designed to function no matter what takes place on the outside. It was first built as a refuge, but changed into a security compound where problems like Coon and Snake are handled." 


Sylva felt her thoughts bounce back and forth like a tennis ball. Considering them as she stroked and manipulated her cowboy's arch, it hit her what she felt – realized at her deepest core. "Your Earth makes sense, cowboy. I mean ..." Taking a long breath, she continued, "I mean from what I know, so far. The way things are on my Earth, it didn't make any sense – if you look at it. Everything felt out of sync ... as if it was artificially manipulated. I mean how can you have advanced computer tech and oil-based energy at the same time?" Sylva sighed. 


Zeke basked in his woman's massage while weighing her words. "What do you mean by oil-based energy? Are you talkin' about vegetable matter fuels or a petroleum fuel?" She eyed him speculatively. "Petroleum. Cars or vehicles that run on gasoline." Zeke stared in disbelief for a moment. "That is a primitive use for black gold." His Sylva smiled for an instant, lighting up his world. "Black gold, Texas Tea ... my mom used to say that, or sorta sing it. It was from an old TV series called the 'Beverly Hillbillies'." Zeke surely enjoyed his bride's lightheartedness. Still, she was troubled. 


Sylva used her thumbs to massage her cowboy's heels, somewhat roughened by his working lifestyle, no doubt. "Black gold," she repeated. "What did you, or do you use it for now?" Zeke made a lazy pass through the water with his arm, his gaze on her face. "We never used it to fuel autos. At first, what was found in pools above ground was used like grease. Later, medicinal properties were found and developed. For a short time it fueled large outdoor lamps. These days it's used to create various types of extra durable plastic containers for long distance shipping." 


Zeke gently removed his foot and offered his other foot. "I'm gonna have to kiss those sweet hands of yours, darlin'. I don't think my foot ever felt this good." She smiled at him with such brilliance, with such true appreciation of his words, Zeke's insides jerked, and his heart hammered with just plain feelin' good. He surely didn't understand a version of Earth where women weren't cherished. Course, he realized since there was a shortage of women on his Earth that shined the sun on ladies more. Still, in times prior, the abundance of women hadn't lessened their value. 


Sylva pressed her knuckles on Zeke's arch and slid them upward over several acupressure points. Damn, if it didn't feel good to work on a man who truly seemed to appreciate her efforts. Not to mention his foot felt oh-so-sexy and dammit, virile. "Those are some talented knuckles you have, darlin' mine. But don't you go expendin' too much energy." A sense of alarm struck Sylva's middle. "Oops, am I pressing too hard, tenderfoot?" She'd said it lightly, yet ..."You're pressing too darn right, wife. I'm gettin' spoiled. And, I mean it about your energy. Don't want my woman overdoing." 


Zeke recognized sheer talent when it was used on his foot. His beautiful Sylva had a real natural way of healing. Not only did she press all the right spots, but he zinged with her healing energy, clear up to the crown of his head. Course, he figured it all worked together with her psychic abilities. Gently pulling his foot from her before she spent any more energy on him, Zeke straightened some, then lazily motioned. "Come on over here, darlin' mine. I think I need a kiss from those sweet lips of yours." She smiled naughtily. "If you insist." 


Sylva felt deliciously sleek as she moved to Zeke, then floated into his embrace. Their lips met with leisurely passion, and his kiss sweltered through her. The command of his mouth on hers sent raw jolts to her sex mound. "Zeke," she murmured once he released her lips. "Sylva darlin'." He hugged her close against his chest. The strength of his arm around her shoulder, the way he held her, not only upped her desire several notches, but made her feel wanted. Truly wanted. Sylva smoothed caresses over his beefy shoulder, the slickness of his skin wonderfully sensual. "Mmmm ... cowboy." 


Zeke felt contentment and a raging fire deep in his loins. Part of him just wanted to hang onto his precious wife and indulge in the pleasures of relaxing with her. But, shoot the moon, part of him wanted his cock buried in her as he rode her into their shared oblivion. For now, he figured he'd continue with the relaxin' while doin' some wooing. Lowering his head he sought the sexy spunk of her soft lips. His Sylva obliged, planting her mouth on his, and giving him kiss for kiss. Soon the sound of their sliding smooching mouths dominated. 


Sylva separated their bodies just enough to slide strokes over her hunk-exceptional husband. The fierce slow clinging of their lips had her ready to mount up while, at that same time, she reveled in the way her cowboy's mouth took hers over and over again. "Zeke," she finally purred, once their kisses tenderly concluded. "Why don't you get me out of here and rock me to sleep with that big bold cock of yours." Quicker than she could imagine, he rolled and gained his feet. Grasping her waist, Zeke effortlessly lifted her onto the ledge, then leapt up beside her. 


Zeke grabbed a drying cloth with one hand and held onto his bride with the other. Sweeping it around her, he picked her up, carrying her to a glass-molded bench. He lowered Sylva onto it and made certain she settled before whipping around for a drying cloth. He surely hoped their sleeping area was prepared. His experience with the Center was minimal, though, he reckoned it was run dang well from all he'd heard, and knew. Giving himself a fast once over, Zeke tied the cloth around his middle. His Sylva dried herself off with a sensual grace he devoured. 


Sylva wondered that the moisture didn't just evaporate off her skin from the way Zeke looked at her. She was pure steam inside. Course, the sexy way he'd slung the towel around him only added to her steaminess. Giving him a come-hither smile, she bent over and squeezed the water from her hair. "Come on over here, sweet darlin'," Zeke opened his arm, "let's finish dryin' in the unit." Winding the towel around her out of habit, Sylva entered his embrace. "I'm still getting used to all the different technologies you have here. I think it's gonna take me awhile." 


Zeke moved them to the unit that would cleanse them further and remove the excess water. "I'm thinkin', Sylva mine, you'll adjust quick once you get the feel of our world." Zeke stripped off their cloths, then ushered her inside the cylindrical unit. "Oooh, this looks like a hollow column of ice," she murmured, as he pressed the panel settings. Breezes of ionic energy whirled around them, while light that simulated the sun streamed down on them, removing any harmful microbes. Wrapping his arms around his woman, Zeke hugged her, then rocked her. They fondled each other with their gazes.


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Donald Symms said...

Wow, what a challenge in imagery and handling the concepts. Nicely done.

Savanna Kougar said...

Donald, thanks!

Dakota Trace said...

Quite the undertaking you have there, although I do love the way you go back and forth. :) good luck with the indi-publishing.

Savanna Kougar said...

Yep, a challenge at the time, and getting it ready now. Thanks, Dakota.