Monday, May 6, 2013

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ May 6, 2013

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #244  

The upcoming week, and month, will usher in the brightest and darkest of times for all of us. For, the serpent of Light and the serpent of Darkness writhe, twisting together in a battle royale that will shake the foundations of every culture, of every society -- of every mainstay religion upon the face of Mother Earth.

If you walk the path of WISDOM, this is the time to join with those of good heart and soul, regardless of race, color, or creed. For, everyone is needed to throw off the Black Hearts who wage a genocidal war against the human race.

Be on guard. During the week there will be surprising twists and turns on the world stage. These changes will be mostly beneficial for humankind, despite appearances.

But beware the prophet.  That is, anyone who operates in the global spotlight, and speaks with the voice of authority. Lies spew from their lips, and they will keep their forked tongues hidden from the public.

On the magickal, mystical front, more of the 'super psychic ones' come out of the closet, and give testimony about their experiences and abilities. This will be to help others, and to create an enlightened new paradigm on Earth.

Meanwhile, the 'Mages of Ages Lost' use their powers to laser through the black clouds of deception and despair that have kept humanity in a state of perpetual darkness. Thus, the Aquarian light-energies blaze into the AWARENESS of humanity, exposing the matrix we have been ensnared within.

One result: Watch for a rise in those who speak out against the new world order crowd.

On the personal front, this will likely be a yo-yo week for most of us. First it will be one thing, then another thing, and often in opposition. It's best to let it all settle out. Stand back where no immediate action is needed, and wait until next week, or a later time to make a final decision.

Also, this a perfect week, and month to cleanse your body of toxins, and purge your mind of beliefs that no longer serve you, or anyone else. As well, look for out-of-the-box solutions to your most pressing problems. You will have the opportunity to help others do this, and others will help you, as well.

Helping each other in this way is community at work on the etheric, synergistic level.

On the paranormal front, HEADLINE: Witnesses 1,200 Miles Apart Describe Same Giant Triangle UFO ~ Posted: 05/03/2013 1:15 pm

UFOs as a reality, are gaining a real foothold on the mass-mind consciousness of humanity. This is part of a Divine revelation, a gift to humankind that brings the truth about the past into the 'now'.

Meanwhile, the dark-side elite scramble to claim the UFO phenomena, and use it for their vile Machiavellian plan, controlling and enslaving the people. From a prior forecast: "Out of this, what is known as 'project blue beam' *could* be loosed upon the people soon. The message: the alien gods are here. Bow down, people of Earth."

Also, the beasties of lore and legend continue to gradually emerge.

HEADLINE SNIPPET ~ Video: Nessie's Cousin? "A student was recording video for a college project with his friend when something large broke the surface of Lake Foyle in Ireland. The footage shows what appears to be a hump, perhaps connected to a large creature, rise from the water and move in a straight line between two boats. After traveling for some distance the mysterious object disappears back into the depths."

On the economic front, more *ALL FURIOUS HELL* breaks loose in the phony-baloney financial realm. The behind-the-scenes, banker rats scurry deserting the ship, while the people desert the system by the droves, and begin establishing their own local economic communities.

The gold-silver commodities war between factions of the bankster gangsters, now explodes across the world with serious consequences for several countries. This will be partially disguised by the brutally orchestrated flames of war.

During this domination of the news cycle by the Mid East conflict, keep a wary eye out for possible Cypress-drain-your-account moves made by the banking system. Or other similar shenanigans.

At this point in history, Iceland becomes the world leader for financial freedom.

On the truth front, this will be a week that lives in TRUTH infamy. That is, in humanity's far future. This is because there will be closed-door decisions made that have to do with dividing and conquering the people, using the most horrific tactics.

This strategy will backfire, and expose 'the man behind the global-mafia curtain'. Many of the people rise to defeat this evil, becoming a tsunami of epic proportions.

For, they realize these words from a previous forecast: "In this age of the *above the law* bankster gangsters, in this age of print money on demand, be aware of this recent Greenspan quote: "we can't guarantee the buying power of the money". Remember also, as one globalist stated, 'anything written on paper is worth the paper it's written on'."

On the war front, boom...boom...boom! The Super Robber Baron's bully-war against the people takes sinister shape across the globe. At this time, however, there are so many who are fed up, and tired of the ongoing, unjust slaughter that their combined 'mind field' will slow down the nefarious war plans of the dark-side elite.

Also, this week, there will be the usual, media-news push to get people in the mood for war. This will fail overall as time marches on. Although, there are a hardcore few who will rally round the flag, and demand the wholesale destruction of other people's lives and lands.

At this time, the purge of the military continues with firings, resignations, and assassinations. This will heighten the factional conflict already taking place, and hidden from the public at large. However, news of these battles leaks out, especially on the alternative news sites of 'we the people' journalists-reporters.

On the tyranny-at-work front, martial law euphemistically known as 'public safety', spreads and slithers across the country, a leviathan shadow bringing only darkness and despair and death. This, despite whatever 'good-deeds' publicity is spoon-fed to the public.

One solution is to return to the land, and join with a community of like-minded people. Claim your territory, form your posse, your tight-knit circle of only those you trust, and watch each other's backs.

On the AWAKENING front, a major week for AWAKENING. With the snaking, striking spread of darkness and death worldwide, now comes the Great Illumination. The LIGHT within each one of us expands, becomes diamond-brilliant. Our souls shine forth as never before, and we brighten our corner of the world.

On the communication front, a tricky week for several reasons. Tech devices could be adversely affected by solar activity. Whether solar, or for another reason, in some areas of the country, many are currently experiencing problems with their GPS units.

Miscommunications will increase between people in general. This will be due to several factors. The severe stress of the times. The heightening of cosmic energies, or what is called The Quickening. Also, microwave frequencies from the cell towers are disrupting brain activity.

On the home front, civil strife against the ruthless reins of the establishment is just around the corner -- in some areas of the country. At the same time, the desire for liberty sweeps across the land like wildfire.

Preparation is being made by individuals and states, such as Kansas, to stand against the incursion of the lawless corp-gov system. And there are many more who now turn their backs on the congress and the administration. They seek a new path along those who are already traveling on that path.

On the food front, with the shrinking food supply, and the soaring prices, desperation will begin to set in, and stocking up at every opportunity becomes the norm. Be wise in your approach, and use every strategy available to you, and your loved ones.

As has been stated before, growing veggies and herbs indoors, and/or a greenhouse could be a life saver. This is especially true with the changing weather patterns.

On the land changes front, the title this week ~ Mother Nature Unleashes Herself. Look for more strange, strange weather throughout the world.

Also, last week's forecast continues: the sun strikes back with more coronal mass ejections, or CMEs. This is likely to affect the grid and communications tech.

SUPER EXTREME! Is the new watch word for weather, volcanic activity, earthquake tremors, and the sinkhole phenomena. The Earth has become more liquified, and massive movements of magma are reshaping the planet.

Look for major problems in California, as well as continuing 'changes' on the East Coast.

On the energy front, at the moment, a murky picture as far as new energy devices. While there are many such devices ready to market, or close to it, the real value remains in what can be distributed to the people via a black-market strategy.

With the current martial law clamp down, it would be wise to establish as many alternative ways of energy as possible. If you haven't, the time has come to research what will work for you, and your situation, then take action.

On the really bad news front, this week it titled ~ The New Inquisition is Here... Shutting Down the Aquarian Conspiracy.

That is, the dark-side controllers will use every diabolical method to shut down the mind and heart bond humans form with each other. This connection is part of what the Aquarian Age is all about, or what was called the Aquarian Conspiracy by author, Marilyn Ferguson, in her 1980 best-selling book, "Aquarian Conspiracy".

To *stop* this naturally evolving spiritual connection between us -- this heart and soul connection which would gradually bring about a true paradise on Earth -- now comes a repeat of what occurred in the past, namely the Spanish Inquisition.

To illustrate: William Henry's interview of Graham Hancock at brings to light the current sad state of censorship, and foreshadows what is ahead of us. Unless we the people stop it.

On the good news front, the inner Warrioress and the inner Warrior rises to a whole new level within many of us. For, now is the time. We are being activated by the Divine Realm to be champions for the people, and champions for Mother Earth.

On the global mafia cabal front, fierce dissension continues within the ranks. Currently, this can be witnessed by events in the European countries, especially. Heads will roll begin to roll, metaphorically, and as in no longer being in this mortal coil.

On the heroine front, Sibel Edmonds ~ the most gagged person in the history of the United States of America ~ continues to bravely speak out, and reveal the behind-the-scenes truth.

On the freedom front, big changes on the American scene toward freedom -- big doings also, as the people go innovative and industrious, starting their own ammunition factories.

As well, some who work in revolutionary industries, like regrowing limbs, will  begin to break ranks, and become the whistleblowers of the future. Watch for it. Pray for it.

Trendwise, a strange and furiously fast time ahead when opposites don't attract, but become ever more extreme. Now, groups of people move worlds apart, yet those within the group become closer, more tightly bonded to each other.

2013, becomes the year of question. At this crucial time in history, a new paradigm of *questions* arises in the consciousness of the population.

Do most of us on planet Earth deserve war? Do most of us deserve to live under martial law? Does Mother Earth deserve to be warred upon constantly -- destroyed daily by the weapons of war?

The above is only a sampling of questions that will rise, emerge from the sea of humanity's COLLECTIVE MIND like Aphrodite Rising From the Ocean. This is because many now wake up, blink, and rip their way out of the societal-programmed box. Forever. And never to return.

This week is for romancing your life, and dancing with the flow of life. Take a stroll through Nature, and see what she has to say to you. Her personal message to you. It will be there in the plants, and any animals you might happen upon.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Savanna Kougar said...

I need to transform into a warrior goddess just to get everything done and taken care of in these times...

Pat C. said...

I think I'll try growing green beans in pots again, this time indoors. See if that makes a difference.

Later today I'll be yelling at the phone company, which forgot to send me a bill last month and is now charging me extra for failing to pay the bill I never got. It might be time to go to a cell phone and dump land lines altogether.

I don't pay bills electronically because I don't want too many people having access to my bank account. The one time somebody hijacked my credit card, I think it was some cog at Citibank who lost their job in the big crash and subsequent layoffs. The timing was right, and they would have had access to my account number. You can't trust anybody any more, but with electronic banking you have to.

Savanna Kougar said...

Good luck with the green beans. Given the up and down weather, I'm trying to decide what to try to grow.

Even though the phone company is crap, honestly, I'd advise NOT going with a cell phone. There are just as many consumer horror stories out there. Plus, those things DO wreck your health. That's on record. But, of course, the corp denial is what many choose to believe.

However, you could tell the phone company if they don't get their act together you will leave them.

Yeah, I don't EVER use the bank account to purchase anything. Just a simple mistake by a vendor could wipe me out, let alone crooks. However, knock on wood, so far so good with doing things electronically.

I hope that luck holds since I'm not close to any bank. But then, at some point, likely the whole system will implode. If it does, I won't be paying anybody anything. Or, if they Cypress our bank accounts here, then oh so sorry, nothing to pay anything with...

BTW, that horror creature Buffet is soaking the poor and the middle class. He's making a ton o' bucks off the bailouts, millions upon millions. I just have to wonder when people are gonna get it???