Monday, April 29, 2013

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ April 29, 2013

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #243 

This week's theme: Those of Magick, and the rising Psychic Warriors, battle the Machine.
For the Borg Beast Establishment is rabid and ravenous.

As well, the beast-born Screen that was meant to massively brainwash the people, and keep them under control, will lose its hypnotic affect on many at this point in history. The golden rays of liberation direct from the angelic realm are here.

Now, more of the people will turn off their TVs. They will turn away from this sinister Truman Show reality. They will join with each other in an AWAKENING, and turn toward love, toward deeper relationships with eachother.

They will begin to create the real world anew. So it begins on a massive scale.
On the magickal, mystical front, the 'Mages of Ages Lost' now slit the belly of the dark-side serpent, exposing who they are, and what they 'intend' for the future of life on Earth.

All you have to do is want to know the truth, and look for it. You will witness the heartless serpent slithering toward you, and your loved ones.

On the personal front, this week will be a doozy for many of us. Because we'll be dealing with the worsening economic picture. There are radical changes coming in the near future that few are really prepared for. Now is the time to not only prepare, but hunker-bunker down.

Circle the wagons with your true friends and family of like mind. Make plans together. Soon, it will be all about helping each other out as a way for everyone to survive, and move toward thriving. The time has come to create the Aquarian Age renaissance.

Also, this week there will be an opportunity to step forward in a highly positive way. Grab hold of the smallest possibility, and run with it.

On the paranormal front, high-strange weeks ahead. There will be a huge mixed bag of revelations around the supernatural realm, the spiritual world, and the UFO phenomena.

Now, Super Soldiers--the real ones--come out of the closet even more. Also, more truth about the planet, Mars, is exposed. And, the reality of stargates reaches farther into the public awareness.

On the economic front, the currency wars turn into a global slugfest for the next several months. And, the *case of 'all' the missing gold* sends the financial world into a panicked frenzy.

Meanwhile, the nova-magnitude of the fraud perpetrated against the people by the Bankster Gangsters, the Super Robber Barons, becomes ever more apparent. Worldwide, the people battle back.

As well, the backlash against the 'greedy psychopath cabal' quantum leaps. Some will metaphorically go down in a furnace of mighty flames.

On the truth front, the concocted, controlled history/herstory that has been forced down our collective throats for centuries, is coming apart at the proverbial seams. The time has come for humanity to grow up.

This week, and well into the summer months, there will be BLAST AFTER BLAST of explosive truths that reveal the real history/herstory *never* told to Americans--never revealed to the peoples worldwide. Get ready.

On the war front, the following week will be one of extreme, bloodletting horror in many parts of the world. With the global economy barely limping along, the supposed necessity of WAR will be placed front and center--diabolically used as a major, big-screen distraction.

Also, this is a turning point for the human race. For now, the 'real war front' shifts to an all-out battle against humanity. The dark-side elite are pathologically determined to seize control, and rule over Earth.

Anyone in their way is considered dead meat.

The current theaters of war are not truly about country against country, or the war on terror. Across the globe, government forces controlled by the dark-side cabal will begin relentlessly crushing the people--far beyond any past ruthless oppression.

As the year, 2013, progresses, the people rise. Civil conflicts and civil wars will erupt like brush fires. World leaders will start to fall like dominos, and in many areas of the world constant chaos becomes the norm.

On the tyranny-at-work front, The Borg Beast Is Rabid ... from this point forward, the bankster gangsters, the dark-side elite, the new world order crowd, the soulless ones--whoever, whatever the label or name--they now go mad-dog rabid on humanity.

Visualize it this way. The Borg has mated with every Monstrous Beast of land, sea, and air--every monster from every epoch upon Earth.

Now, this Borg Beast goes Hitleresque, goes brutally fascist, goes Emperor Palpatine of Star Wars ... because they have been cornered, and their eons of evil are upon them.

The countermeasure is to stand together as one human family, as one human being helping another human being. We are strong when we join forces, when we stand together with others who are on the GOOD SIDE.

We are strong if we return to the land, to the bosom of Mother Earth. If we offer good will to others, if we walk in Divine Love. We are strong together, and our common human will cannot be defeated.

On the AWAKENING front, the title is: The coming diabolical temptation. Cyber immortality will be the carrot on the stick dangled before those who are AWAKENING to their true sacred human beingness.

Cyber perfection is on the near horizon, so they will tell you. Instead of Man versus the Machine, now Machine Man is here. However, this enhancement means a borg-like interface, and no true freedom.

Those who choose the way of the immortal machine, will BECOME MUCH LESS than who they truly are. Who they are divinely meant to be.

For, as LIFE plays out, Machine Man will prove to be nothing when compared to the magick, the power, and the miracle of being fully human.

On the communication front, this a week where the ability to communicate with others, with loved ones, takes a giant leap forward. This will be downright stressful for some, and they will find it difficult to negotiate their relationships. For others, however, it will bring a new joy, and a beautiful depth in their relationships.

On the home front, it's the age-old game of divide and conquer this week, as the dark-side powers that be viciously attempt to pit the people against each other.

Martial law or what is euphemistically called 'public safety' will sweep across the country. This, despite the ever-mounting resistance.

HEADLINE: "Am I Free To Go?:The martial law experiment in Boston was a smashing success and will undoubtedly serve as the model for full scale implementation of martial law following the collapse of the dollar."

From a prior forecast: "Also, at this time, embracing freedom becomes ever more popular. And, as stated before: the rattlesnake of liberty coils and rises with the warning: DON'T TREAD ON ME!"


Headline Snippet: "Brand new GMO food can rewire your body: more evil coming ~ Jon Rappoport -As GM Watch reports, an Australian company, CSIRO, has designed wheat and barley seeds that put genes to sleep, "to change the type of starch made by the plant." Also on the way: next-generation biopesticide food crops that repel insect predators. In this case, the designer RNA can be injected or even sprayed. When a gene is silenced in the insect, it dies."

From a previous forecast: "keep stocking up whenever and wherever you are able. No matter how the future plays out, this is simply a wise strategy.

Also, anyone who can set up a greenhouse, from small to extra large, do so -- if you haven't already. Try to help others build greenhouses that work for their circumstances, as well. With the weather becoming ever more violent and changeable, a greenhouse environment will help grow more food.

Look at growing as many herbs, veggies, and fruits indoors as possible. There are several innovative ways to accomplish this. In this regard, the internet is your friend."

On the land changes front, the sun strikes back with more coronal mass ejections, or CMEs. This is likely to affect the grid and communications tech.

SUPER EXTREME! Is the new watch word for weather, volcanic activity, earthquake tremors, and the sinkhole phenomena. The Earth has become more liquified, and massive movements of magma are reshaping the planet.

Look for major problems in California, as well as continuing 'changes' on the East Coast.

On the energy front, with the sun's energy output changing, the whole dynamic of life on Earth is being altered. This whiter light, this bright new energy is assisting all of us to awaken--to become the crystalline frequency beings we were originally meant to be.

On the really bad news front, Google is now the cyber cop on the beat for the internet.  In cooperation with the FDA, Big Brother Google is currently targeting health supplement sites. The sites are told NOT to tell the truth about the healing properties of their products, despite being in compliance with regulations.

Also, with the gov and Google playing 'good cop-bad cop' against the people, they are getting ready to *censor* anyone or any site that offers ANY criticism of the government.

On the good news front, a new fierce power infuses those who have chosen the GOOD side. Stronger, better, faster in mental and intuitive abilities, that is the gift. Step into this power, and use it wisely and well for sake of ALL.

On the global mafia cabal front, the Brave Ones rise, the truth spilling from their lips and heart, as they exposed the dark-side cabal.

This week, there will be a state of serious disarray in the ranks of the global mafia. Their battle against each other for king of the mountain, for the treasures of Earth, goes hot, and becomes fast and furious.

On the heroine front, Syrian Girl is one the *Brave Ones* in these times.
"Syrian Girl: U.S. Ignoring FSA's WMD Use - Syrian Girl to talk about a potential Syrian chemical weapon false flag attack. Who is really causing terror in the middle east..."

On the hero front, in memoriam of Jim Tucker, an intrepid gumshoe reporter in the old-style. He exposed Bilderberg for over three decades, or what the mainstream/lamestream news called a conspiracy theory, and refused to report about. Through Jim's perseverance, eventually the truth could no longer be denied, and the corp-gov was forced to report that Bilderberg was real.

You wanna be an independent investigative journalist? Walk in this man's footsteps. He is a master.

HEADLINE: Jim Tucker, Bilderberg Destroyer: Rest In Peace ~ Alex Jones | Jim’s work will live on forever. He was a friend and a patriot of liberty.

On the freedom front, a major shift toward freedom has occurred in the population as a whole. The status quo will be constantly challenged, and exposed for the weakling inept creature it is.

The savage desire for liberty is revived, and will play out in expected and unexpected ways. This is new frontier for humanity as a whole.

As a counterattack, the system is likely to introduce the 'smart gun'. This gun is chip-controlled by the gov, and automatically disassembles itself in gun-free zones. This means if a bad guy attacks a school your smart gun won't work to defend anyone. Run, don't walk to find the un-smartest guns/weapons you can.

Trendwise, the ongoing, avalanche-collapse of trust in the system is here. And will only continue in the coming days.

Wisdom will dictate to many--that with the exception of their own 'inner truth detector', or their ability to discern a truth teller--survival means *Trust NO ONE and NOTHING*

This attitude is the coming trend for most of humanity throughout the world, and will initiate the formation of survival tribes.

For, as revelations pile on top of revelations about the horrific levels of deception perpetrated for century after century against humanity--this from every world institution, every once-trusted establishment, and the attendant governmental agencies--the people will come to fully realize their own power.
The power to change, and reinvent, and live good happy lives.

Meanwhile the chasm between those are independent in mind and heart, and those who are dependent on the system, will only split miles wider. One way to observe this trend will be to notice how many turn their back on celebrity media, and those who still worship these false gods and goddesses.

This week is about discovering joy moment by moment... and joy within the moment. Move ever forward in a dance with life that will bring you to a new and greater understanding of the sacred.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Savanna Kougar said...

Finally! I got 'er done... ~whew~

Pat C. said...

Did you catch that note last week where somebody hacked the AP site and reported Obama had been injured in a bomb attack on the White House? The stock market immediately took a plunge. It rebounded shortly afterward, but that's how easy it is to manipulate people's money, and the reason I don't like electronic banking in general.

I don't have a Kindle or Nook. Do the books on those have pop up ads, or any ads at all? If not, it's only a matter of time. That's another reason I like print.

Savanna Kougar said...

Yep, I heard that about the prez on the news at Coast to Coast am. Although, why the stock market would take a dive... well, I guess it's just automatic in that kind of scenario.

These days even if you don't do the electronic banking thing, it won't matter because they handle most everything electronically... with the obvious exception of getting a deposit slip receipt, etc. Still, money isn't printed so much as its a case of merely adding cyber zeroes. Regardless, except for the super elite class, if the the system gets zapped by hackers, an EMP attack, or a CME from the sun... or whatever, well say goodbye to your account... Because most likely they'll pull what they did in Cypress. And, it looks like Canada may be on the chopping block next for getting their money stolen by the banksters. Did you know that under the regs, that when you deposit your money, it is no longer yours, and actually belongs to the bank. Thus, they can take your money to pay off their debts. Talk about a legalized con game.

A while back depositors at JP Morgan Chase woke up to find only zeroes in their banks accounts. The money was restored, however given their past proclivities at gambling away their funds, which caused their silver shortage woes... well, ya just wonder what they used all the money for, temporarily.

Also, the FDIC only has enough money to cover about FIVE PERCENT of the accounts if the banks go belly up. Guess who's going to get that? It won't be us small fry.

That's why I keep as little as possible in the bank. Easy to do since I ain't got that much to begin with.

Savanna Kougar said...

Okay, I don't have a Kindle or Nook. I do have the Kindle for your PC. To my knowledge there are no ads in the actual ebooks, except for what the author puts in.

Serena Shay said...

I have a Kindle and you have a choice of getting one with or without the ads. If you get the ads you pay less for the reader. The ads are really unobtrusive. They are there when your Kindles off and when you are reviewing what you have on your Kindle, but not when you are reading a book or using an app.

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, thanks for the info.