Monday, February 18, 2013

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ February 18, 2013

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #233  

Strange, and Stranger Times Are Upon Us ... now, it becomes wise to pay close attention to the way the world twists and turns. Know too, the serpentine path of events will be difficult to follow, and thus, to decipher.

Now, a mega-triggering of events begins across the globe. This 'triggering' will be from both the dark-side controllers and the good side liberators, and these events will be monstrous, to small unseen gamechangers.


Currently, final sides are being chosen, and the battle prepared for. Be aware of these media-covered-up undercurrents, or you could be pulled under.

On the magickal, mystical front, the forces and spirits of Nature reach out to those of us who love goodness and beauty. It is time to become close allies with Nature -- with the animals and the plant kingdom -- during the massive societal changes arriving in the near future.

Know this, cooperation will be our Divine salvation as upheavals of every sort quake the Earth.

On the personal front, a flashpoint week ahead. Several trends in your life could flash together, then combine or collide. Out of this, move fast when making key decisions.

This is likely to be true, especially when dealing with finances, or overall financial situations. However, now is 'not' the time to take chances with your basic resources.

On the paranormal front, he's alive, she's alive! That is, Bigfoot, or the Bigfeet people. Here's more evidence ~ HEADLINE: DNA Report Proves Bigfoot Is Real Say 11 Scientists Of 5 Year Study, published by the DeNovo Journal of Science.

This week, there will be ever more UFO sightings, and Mars is gradually coming out of the shadow-government closet. That is, the real truth about the red planet.

On the economic front, it's a chump's game from this point forward. This includes the entire financial establishment, despite the good people still involved.

Less and less trust in the stock market, and banks, will cause major shifts toward new ways of doing business. Wisely, people are deserting this on-the-way-to-the-bottom Titanic.

Meanwhile, the banks, and the Bankster Gangsters, will dangle enticements, meant to con the people into investing in the system. Remember, the presstitute media' experts are not your friend. And never were.

On the truth front, wisdom now reveals TRUTH. The old souls among us, and those with wise natures, begin releasing more hidden truths. As the year, 2013, progresses this information will shake, rattle, and roll humanity's core belief systems.

On the war front, this week, and ongoing, major confrontations between nations will continue in the 'staged' war theater. Likely North Korea will be hyped as the next up and coming BIG ENEMY.

However, the world-war battle behind the scenes is being fought using the horrific weapon of weather manipulation. Also, the use of satellite-based weaponry ramps up this week.

Once again, 'let's go to war' will be sold to the public as a good and necessary thing. NOTHING could be further from the truth.

On the tyranny-at-work front, the real snakes come sliding and slithering out of the global woodpile now. With their fake smiles, or their 'serious save the world' faces, the so-called world leaders who grab the spotlight this week, will 'speak with forked tongue'. As never before.

On the AWAKENING front, the major timeline convergence is here, and ongoing. Many Earth timelines are being joined in preparation for the grace and beauty of the new age. Or, the future that the new world order crowd doesn't want you know is possible.

On the communication front, 'trauma-drama-karma' ... this now becomes the realm of communication for many of us at this time. These old energies inside us now surface and swirl as humanity moves forward, and into the Aquarian Age.

For, this is how the path is cleared, toward what could be called the way of crystalline communication, that will occur between individuals, and like-minded groups.

On the home front, folks are getting testy for a whole range of good reasons.  However, do your best 'not' to be cruel to those who 'don't' deserve it.

Do your best 'not' to pick on someone who can't fight back, as is happening now, even from those who don't realize what they're doing -- and wouldn't do it if they truly understood.

However, the time has come to go after 'those' who *do* deserve it. Enough is enough.

On the food front, one farmer attempts to slay the giant Monsanto in court. And raw milk proponents are taking on the establishment.

Meanwhile, Marijuana has been bastardized, turned into a GM franken-plant in South America. This means when legalization occurs, the HUGE profits will now go to the BIG GMO corporations, and the little businesses will be shut out. Also, this GM Marijuana is a health destroyer, not a health restorer as the Divine intended.

Here's another reminder! Stock up on as much good food and other supplies as you are able. You will be grateful you did in the future.

On the land changes front, Asteroids, Comets, Meteors Oh My! Here they come. However, to what quantity and frequency remains unknown, since there are 'forces' able to divert or destroy such celestial objects.

Same ole... same ole, to repeat from last week: "all HELL is about to break loose over the next six months. Volcanoes, major and swarm earthquakes, superstorms, massive flooding, superspeed winds, volcanic eruptions beneath the oceans. Asteroids and comets, omy!

Also, gigantic sun flares or CMEs ~coronal mass ejections~ will be licking at the Earth's atmosphere like great serpentine tongues tasting prey before deciding whether to devour. Be prepared to stay indoors, if necessary."

On the energy front, what are known as free energy, or Tesla-type devices, have been in use behind the scenes by the Military Industrial Complex for decades... at least.

Besides, the fact that metering this type of energy is impossible, and it's much easier to control/oppress people with a dark ages' oil economy... that stated, there is another nefarious reason why these devices are being suppressed.

Once this type of energy field is truly understand by the public, creating your own so-called flying saucer and/or flying car is no big deal. That means, a whole new level of freedom and prosperity. For, our destiny is in the stars.

On the really bad news front, the world is about to explode on many levels, beyond what has been happening already.  Hang onto your tails, and your loved ones.

Make plans for as many contingencies as you can. And know, as the year progresses, it could come down to neighbor against neighbor in some circumstances, and areas.

On the good news front, more celestial help is on the way for humanity and for Mother Earth. The overall goodness of humanity shines forth more brightly, attracting beneficial assistance at this time.

Also, look for practical ways to improve your life with new products from smaller business enterprises. Much ingenuity is occurring, and will continue especially if supported by the people.

On the global mafia cabal front, the factional fighting happens at the highest levels now. One sign will be high profile resignations -- also, the disappearances and deaths of politicians, and top-echelon corporate types.

On the freedom front, The Warrior Spirit spreads throughout the land. Once again, the same 1776 revolutionary fervor seizes hold of the hearts, minds, and souls of those who say: "Don't Tread on Me". For, the rattlesnake awakens, and  shakes his tail.

As well, there is a new Sheriff's movement sweeping across the country. *Come and Take It* counties throughout the land, are being declared, as opposed to *Bend Over and Take It* counties.

Meanwhile, the snake-in-the-grass media will continue demonizing everyone who believes 'true' freedom is a basic human right. While, maintaining their hypocritical reports on the Middle East 'freedom fighters'.

Trendwise, on the verge of civil conflict, it's here. The larger metropolitan areas will no longer be safe for many of us.

Meanwhile, the insane puppet dance of lies and deception continues, all to keep the public dumb enough, and entertained enough -- for long enough. At the same time, the preening emperor begins to fall from grace. Hard.

*Lunacy at Breakneck Speed* is the theme for the next four months, and sums up the current state of the world.

Across the planet, there is corruption in deed, corruption of the heart and soul, non-stop and accelerating deception, a lemmings mentality, raging tyrannical psychopaths on the loose -- rape, pillage, and plunder of the people unparalleled -- leaders who act like spoiled, demonic five year olds.

It's a world of trouble. Now is the time for ALL the good people to come together. Stand together. And create the world anew.

This is a perfect week to take walks and wax poetic, to mentally dance with your muse. Share with others, as you feel inspired.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Savanna Kougar said...

A week of strangeness ahead...

Pat C. said...

Still waiting for the invention of the transporter. That would solve all traffic problems.

Savanna Kougar said...

It would help. According to some whistleblowers, there are already transporters in use. Experimentation began back in the 70s. It's just we don't get the good stuff. We just pay for it.