Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Special Guest Solara Gordon

This week on Title Magic we're featuring Solara Gordon, fellow Shapeshifter Seductions writer and author of the new Siren title, Hot for Torrey. Take it away, Solara!

1. What got you started as a writer?

Always enjoyed reading and stories telling as a child. Creativity seemed to be something that came naturally to me. I enjoyed the exercise and ideas that flowed out with each venture. It wasn't until I started writing poetry (had a few obscure pieces published) and journaling that I realized how much I thrived at this and loved doing it. Now I understand it is part of who I am and something I need to do.

2. Do you have a writing schedule?

Schedule? Did someone say schedule? Do you have your muse on a time clock? Mine visits when and where she wants. Priscilla, aka Pris gets thanked every morning for being part of my world and invited to come along with me to my day job as well as my commute or whatever else I am doing. Does she always follow instructions? NO! Neither does my writing. I often find time in the evening after my day job. Usually once I am into a story I keep working away with a beginning, middle, and end. Then when it starts to lag I know I've got to break out a deadline to encourage me to see the story through and tell me the rest of it.

3. Plotter or pantser?

Pantser for the most part. If I plot out the story, I've told it to me already and I've lost interest in it. Thus why I don't even do a synopsis until the book is done and ready for submission. I do plot high points once I'm sure I'm into the story and know my characters well. All the work a plotter does prior I do bits and pieces of as I write. I prefer to let my characters tell me their story with Pris's help than to force them to fit some niche. Sometimes easier said than done. I may have to carefully define my characters and who they are to keep in line with the story I am telling/writing.

4. Reading habits growing up?

Voracious reader. Mysteries, teen romance, science fiction, fantasy, and mainstream literature.

5. What inspired this story?

Hot for Torrey came from a discussion about the younger generation and their hook-up dating vs friends with benefits and growing into long term relationships or learning about themselves as they as adults coming of age. Also Blue Sky Riders has a song called Little Victories that inspired the basic premise of finding a part of ourselves that keeps us going on after the breakup of a relationship or even a part of life.

6. Any favorite genres/subgenres?

Paranormal, Paranormal Erotic Romance, Erotic Romance, Urban Fantasy, Sci-Fi romance

7. Anything else you'd like to share (favorite foods, TV shows, time of year, etc.)

I don't watch much TV. I do it for a quick relaxation if I've been super busy with my day job or other things going on. My To Be Read pile has grown and I need to take time to weed through it. Somewhere in between Pris and I penning our next tale, I might get a few pages in. Few is the key word.

Thanks Pat for having me.

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HOT FOR TORREY (MF)[Cascade Bay] by Solara Gordon [Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance, HEA] Caught in a storm of their mutual friends' making, Torrey is wondering if Holt would make a good replacement for her battery-operated boyfriend. Holt is determined this will be more than a one-night stand. Can they overcome their friends-with-benefits past to become something more?



Pat C. said...

Hi, Sunny! The stats say we had almost 600 page views yesterday! Hope that translates into a ton of sales for you!

Solara said...

Thanks Pat for sharing the stats! Let's hope everyone wants to read Hot for Torrey!

Savanna Kougar said...

Oh, wow! All those page views, that's great. Thanks for being with us this week, Solara, and sharing insights about yourself and your Muse, Pris.

Wishing you hot, hot, sales for Hot for Torrey!