Monday, September 3, 2012

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ September 3, 2012

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #209

During the next month, the world scene is going HOT. Now, with writhing and whipping ferocity, the Dragon of Good fights the Dragon of evil to a standstill.

For, this Dragon Champion of 'The People' uses all his might to quench the hellish fires raging all over the globe -- the explosive firestorms started and fueled by the Dragon of deception, destruction, and death.

The endtimes are here. That is, *what was* is falling away. CRASH! BOOM! BANG! ~Wave goodbye~

The soulless ones diabolically use this 'end of an age', this cycle to bring in their full spectrum dominance. To seize control of Earth and her riches.

Meanwhile, those of us on the GOOD SIDE battle to bring forth the full exquisite potential, and the personal freedom of the Aquarian Age.

Ultimately, humanity must make a choice. The road to paradise. Or staying beneath the heavy killing boot of tyranny. From this point forward, it's all about this 'choice'.

On the paranormal front, likely within the next two weeks, major documents will be released on the paranormal and supernatural activity of the corp-gov programs. Every effort will be made to minimize the impact of this information.

Also, look for the undeniable rise of everything labeled 'paranormal'. The time has come, and more people will be speaking out about the truth as they know it to be.

On the personal front, for many this could be a strange, even deranged week. Keep a watch out, and be prepared to leave any 'bad' situation fast.

On the positive side, this is a week to get a glimpse of the what our world 'could be', or what to aim for. During this time, many fantasy and fun scenarios will play out. Enjoy, and look to how these good times could be created for the future as a new way of life.

On the economic front, more than ever a mishmash of information clouds the real global financial picture. This is due, not only to the endless 'manipulations' of the bankster gangster crowd, but because ALL solid 'real' analysis has become impossible.

At this time, there are several game plans ready to be executed by those who pull the strings. One is to encourage the economy to limp along while there is an attempt to fool people into believing 'recovery' is on the horizon -- especially if 'they' can sell the idea of going CASHLESS. In truth, a cashless system will only allow the bankster gangsters to steal more of the peoples' wealth, since they make the rules.

Another behind-the-scenes plan is to make it appear as though a bank holiday is necessary, or that the rationing of cash removed from bank accounts is legitimate. However, the 'shortage' has been 'staged'. It's a deception of grand proportions.

That stated, the following week will see some significant level of sinister gamesmanship in regards to the worldwide economy. Also, factions of the bankster gangsters continue to duke it out for 'king of the money hill'.

On the truth front, the tipping point now arrives as people worldwide 'get' ~on a massive level of consciousness~ how much the bankster gangster crowd has raped, plundered, and pillaged them -- and only plans to keep perpetrating this evil of corruption.

On the war front, a week of blood, terror, and chaos as the situation in the Mideast, and other hot spots across the globe, escalate in major ways. Fiery, dramatic energies pour in from the cosmos as well, and will cause this to be even more of a tinder box situation.

Also, one faction of the dark-side elite will continue their chess-game efforts to trigger another world war. However, the new danger to the psychopathic elite is that 'the people' will turn against them, instead of fighting a world war.

Thus, there will be renewed Machiavellian efforts and false-flag events to 'divide and conquer' humanity. Religion against religion, racism, class warfare, family-against-family, infighting caused by infiltrators and the cyber trolls -- also false accusations of one group against another -- it's all being rolled out, along with the tanks and troops on the streets of America, and across the world.

On the AWAKENING front, a golden AWARENESS from the divine realm, sweeps across the globe. Overall, the human race will gain a new confidence in itself during the following weeks. This will inspire many more of us to begin turning our backs on the corp-gov. Many will now learn how to forge a different, more agrarian life for themselves, and their loved ones.

On the home front, as the dollar drops like a stone, and is no longer the world reserve currency... as currencies are being created by other nations, the people will invent new and exciting ways to trade, barter and purchase from each other. This, despite all efforts by the establishment to shut them down.

On the food front, what have been called the 'disaster capitalists' are killing the planet, poisoning Mother Earth with their pesticides and other toxins. This is so they can takeover every natural system, and also force people to use their 'terminator' seeds, as well as their storehouse of genetically modified seeds, designed to grow in the soils they've intentionally ruined.

On the land changes front, at this point in time, this has become fluid, not set in stone, because of changing timelines and the rising AWARENESS of humanity. However, like last week, the earthquakes will continue, especially in the southern hemisphere. Devastating earthquakes 'could' also happen in the northern hemisphere during the next month.

Volcanic activity is still increasing, and superstorms will attack worldwide, growing in both strength and number. However, there will be 'some' interventions by the Beneficent Ones in the ongoing weather wars, and to mitigate natural catastrophic events.

On the energy front, be on the alert for any product that will use less energy, but is not toxic like the mercury-filled curlicue lightbulbs. It is wise to stock up on 'any' such products at this time, including candles. Also, figure out a strategy that will keep you warm with less usage of energy.

On the really bad news front, likely there will be a series of events designed to alter the outcome of the upcoming presidential election. Behind the scenes, many will be attempting to stop these black-op events. Of course, the results are yet to be seen or will remain unseen. All depending...

At this time -- as is being carried out now -- many more 'innocents' will be secretly rounded up by the corp-gov authorities on false charges. Currently, the presstitute media is not reporting on most of these stories. Look to good alternative news sources for the truth.

During the next two months the cyber war heats up. There will be several groups of hackers who act as proxies for the renegade group currently battling the dark-side establishment. Out of this, and because total censorship is BIG BROTHER'S endgame, the hammer will be brought down on internet freedom of speech. At first, with soft and secretive coercion. Then, the hammer will be brought down hard, if THE PEOPLE don't stop it.

On the good news front, the youth, they are a-rising. At this time, there begins a youth movement toward freedom and fairness that will encompass the world. These youth groups will not take 'no' for an answer. They will not stop. Because it is their future they fight for.

Also, with people awakening daily to the bankster gangsters -- their mountain-sized levels fraud and their horrific crimes -- many will naturally band together, say 'no more', and take action.

Trendwise, this week will be about seeing and seizing new opportunities. As people realize the corp-gov is not their friend, and the economy is beyond salvation, they will begin their own small businesses and cottage enterprises. For, success favors the bold. It is what the LAND OF THE FREE was built on.

This is a perfect and exquisite week to spend time enjoying summer's bounty. Look for what you enjoy the most and stock up as much as possible.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~



Savanna Kougar said...

May September be a pathway to a better future.

Pat C. said...

This is going to seem a little out there ... does the worldwide die-off of bees have anything to do with the bad guys' manipulations? Without bees there's no polination, and without polination there's no food. Control the food, control the masses?

I had more of an "it figures" moment with this year's droughts. We add corn ethanol to our gas to keep the prices down. Then a drought hits and corn crops suffer. Not only does the price of gas go up, so does the price of food. Coincidence of engineered? We should ask the bees.

Savanna Kougar said...

Pat, there's definitely evidence that the bee die off was/is engineered. In Europe they quit using the herbicide Roundup because there was a direct connection to bees dying off, via the nicotanoids [sp?], and now they don't have that problem.

Here, the use of Roundup on the GMO crops has multiplied because the weeds keep adapting. Which any good scientist would have known, so, of course, it's all by design.

Weirdly, farmers are having to use Kevlar tires because, I think it's the GMO corn, the stalks have grown these sharp points that ruin regular tires when they turn the crop under.

As far as the drought-corn angle, it was engineered for several reasons. One, the GMO corn crops are failing anyway. And, yes, then they can manipulate gas/food prices, make us pay, possibly ration, and keep control [they think].

And, some of the BIG BOYS are making a killing in the Chicago market because they bet on the weather and the crop yields. Talk about the ultimate in insider trading -- 'knowing' what the weather will be. And I don't think they used psychics in this case.

The Earth is going through a climate change cycle. However, those who study 'how' they manipulate the weather, watched them stop rainclouds, alter their direction.