Monday, June 25, 2012

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ June 25, 2012

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Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #199

From this point forward, the Dragon of Tyranny battles the Dragon of Liberty. It will be a fight to the death. This ongoing struggle will affect everyone on Mother Earth in profound ways, often unusual ways.

Around the world, 'resistance' to the establishment rises with the fiery strength and swiftness of a phoenix. Soon each day will become a choice, and every individual will have to decide -- do I choose liberty or bow before tyranny?

The following week begins a period in time where 'the extreme' rules. The rending of all that has been continues in quantum leaps, while the emergence of what will be shoots up like Spring growth. This is humanity's opportunity, and each individual's chance, to choose a new path, a new way. One that is from the heart and directed by the soul.

On the paranormal front, the campaign to freak the population out over an impending extraterrestrial invasion continues. This will be done with subtle psychological maneuvering of the press, by planting misinformation with whistleblowers, and by using the power of the entertainment media.

On the economic front, crash, boom, bah humbug. It's not a pretty picture around the world, and it will only get worse this week. The bankster gangsters have lost control of their ravenous zombi-bank monster at this point. While this 'monster' consumes its own tail, and destroys everything in sight, plans are in the works for a series of bank holidays which are already happening, but disguised so the public at large will remain fooled.

Declaring themselves the saviors and the rulers, the bankster gangster crew will demand 'the people' obey them. Out of this, a tide of resistance grows, and THOSE who truly care about humanity will stand together. They will be instrumental in bringing about a new economy.

Also, remember, barter is one wave of the future. Dare to prepare now.

On the truth front, the gargantuan evil that is censorship rises like your worst nightmare. This worldwide iron fist is meant to crush any opposition. Already, covert cyber technology is being used by the dark-side psychopaths to crush the human spirit forever. If allowed to continue, books, videos, and writings of every kind, will disappear into the blackhole of history -- one that will be said never to have existed.

As well, a major player in the new world order will be OUTED this week.

On the war front, for the next several months, the northern and southern border wars intensify horrifically. It will be difficult for the brain-drain media to keep this brutal conflict hidden. On the global front, this week there will be major clashes as the bad-cabal-guys try to trigger a world war, and collapse the economy even more.

On the AWAKENING front, humanity continues to wake up around the truth about war -- as a means by the soulless ones to control and conquer all of 'the people'. Out of this realization, many will change sides to stand with THOSE of us who love humanity, and love life.

On the personal front, this week it's all about relating to others and how you do it -- your strengths, your weaknesses. Relationship with others, with everything in life, is the golden key to the Aquarian Age. This is the time to simply notice your personal interactions. How they flow, or don't -- no need for any judgement. This is about learning what works and what doesn't.

Also, this week is ideal to begin or continue any projects that will assist your well-being in the future.

At this time, personal protection becomes crucial, and so is being with like-minded people. With the economy leaving many desperate, extra caution is needed.

On the food front, genetically modified grass is off-gassing cyanide, and killing cattle in Texas according to a veterinarian report. As never before, the dangers of GM crops is being exposed.

On the good side, people are returning to the land in droves, and many will become the farmers and ranchers of the future.

On the land changes front, this is a complex and volatile picture. Mother Earth is growing in size, and reforming herself. Her tectonic plates are shifting, and there are key changes taking place around the planet's core. As well, the weather wars rage on, and so do the earthquake wars. Therefore, devastation is always around the corner, and will be used as an excuse to bring in draconian measures.

On the really bad news front, another Great Divide forms at this time. Those in the population who have been successfully 'zombified' will now hamper and come against the individuals who have 'not' been completely mind controlled by the system.

Also, class warfare and race wars are being provoked by deliberate propaganda programs disguised to appear like public service announcements. As has been stated before, every diabolical method is/will be used to get us all fighting with each other. This includes the use of *not-for-public-view* mind frequency technology that alters the best of friends into instant enemies.

Despite the recent public announcement that drone bases exist across the country, and drones are to be used against Americans, these news reports have now been silenced by the establishment, after an outcry. However, the drones are here. They are deadly and they are flying.

Trendwise, as the year, 2012, progresses, success becomes defined differently. This trend has been happening since the mid nineties. Now it will fast forward, and true success will be measured by how well you relate to others, your standup character -- and by what you bring to others that helps them build a better life.

Another trend, clothing styles are about to undergo a massive change for large sections of the population. This happens because so many are changing their lifestyles, and their ideas about how to live life. Practicality will rule over style. However, style now becomes the province of the individual, and a renaissance of fashion blooms. Often clothing choices will be a reflection of a particular community. The day of the dynastic fashion houses is fast coming to a close, except for the few rich-enough clingers.

This will be a serendipitous week in many ways, and unexpected joy is likely to light up your heart. Enjoy.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Savanna Kougar said...

The dragon wars continue... the number one reason for global warming... yeah, tongue in reptile cheek...

Pat C. said...

Gee, maybe Ray Bradbury was right about Fahrenheit 451. Which book should I memorize? Maybe The Stand by Stephen King, but I think my head would explode ...

Savanna Kougar said...

I remember way back in college discussions about Fahrenheit 451, and comments by Ray Bradbury that it was based on the trends he saw forming... yep...

Pat C. said...

Scary. I remember the movie version, with the wall-sized TVs and the interactive programming, and everybody pretty much a zombie. Was that a '60s or '70s flick? And the one guy in the book camp who'd memorized "The Martian Chronicles." Cute plug.

Savanna Kougar said...

I missed the movie. However, TV has been a programming device since its inception. They designed, on purpose, the flicker rate to keep people mesmerized. These days, the digital TVs are way beyond that in their ability to program people, and the frequencies are harmful to your health... that was done on purpose, too.

Yep, zombified.

Pat C. said...

But I get my best ideas from TV. What am I supposed to do, read? Or (shudder) leave the house and get a life.

Savanna Kougar said...

Great, the borg google got me. I just typed in a long comment, and it wiped it out.
To repeat, sort of. I've gotten great ideas from my TV watching days, and loved certain shows. Likely 'some' of the programming didn't soak in because often I would be writing while the TV was on. Plus I would get up at nearly ever commercial and do something. For years, I didn't know the visuals on commercials.
There are devices that block some of the bad frequencies.

Course, the internet is a trap too... it's a constant battle.