Monday, April 23, 2012

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ April 23, 2012

Kevin Smith as Ares, God of War

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #190

From a previous forecast on July 3, 2011: "Around this cosmic ‘Awakening’ there will be joy, a celebratory dance of joy. Tempering this dance, will be the pain of chaos and confusion, and constant war. For, massive CHANGE is here and will occur at lightning speed for the next several years."

The forthcoming week in this Year of the Dragon, is all about the acceleration of this 'massive CHANGE'. This means each individual, the psyche of humanity, society at large, and including the Earth.

Be prepared. We are entering a period of hyperdrive that will be a confusing blur to many.

At this point in time, there will be unprecedented levels of chaos and cruelty. This is because the age of deception and betrayal by governments, by 'evil doers' who control those governments, is coming to a close, and the battle between Good and Evil rages.

Know that 'truth' is winning. Currently, truth at the speed of light circles the world.

This week is also about understanding, then celebrating the ephemeral and eternal anew. What does this mean? The fifth dimension is here. Now, increasingly, the old sacred ways will live again as a new spiritual way for most of us during the Aquarian Age.

On the economic front, for the next three months the worldwide economy will be like a fast bouncing Yo-Yo. This is 'mostly' by design of the bankster gangster crowd. However, because of their constant infighting there will be gains made by the good forces.

As well, there is a grassroots rebellion which is strengthening fast. Those involved will be creating an under-economy that will helpful to a lot of us in the future.

On the truth front, our words will come back to haunt many of us. This will be especially true for those who inhabit the world stage. A caution: this week don't say anything you don't mean.

On the war front, for the next several months, the nightmare wars across the globe will be revealed as if captured beneath a glaring spotlight. In the alternate media, 'war' will be placed under a high-powered microscope. This is due to 'both' the truth energy of the FIVE year, 2012, and as a strategic move by the global cabal to threaten any who oppose their world dominance.

On the AWAKENING front, the information revolution is here, and growing like a field of weeds gone wild. Also, at this time, a critical mass has been achieved. Even if the soulless ones of the New World Order bring about their one world government, there will NEVER be an actual 'one world' regime. This is because too many of us will say NO, and we will go our own way. We will create our own strong communities.

On the personal front, this week continue your projects. Forge ahead despite any setbacks because later things will go your way, and everything will work out. As well, look around for the changes that are taking place. This will give you the advantage in future decision-making.

On the food front, the information revolution will change how many of us view food and, thus, will cause a renaissance in natural farming and ranching.

On the land changes front, the year, 2012, continues with volcanoes, earthquakes, severe storms, flooding, and solar flares. Welcome to the endtimes, and the beginning times. This week will have its share.

On the really bad news front, there are strange doings in the backrooms of the so-called establishment. These 'deals' with some of the big-name corporations will manifest as several horrific events designed to gain huge profits. Prayer for divine intervention will work to stop these events.

Trendwise, the real truth about the economy becomes obvious to so many at this time that a variety of counteractions will be taken. One of them will be the quick buildup of local economies. This is the time to look for new and better ways to do business in your community. Also, there will be opportunities to learn from those heroines and heroes who are already engaged in these new ways of commerce.

This is a week to open your arms to the beauties of nature. If the weather doesn't cooperate, make plans to enjoy Mother Nature in the near future. Your soul will thank you.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Savanna Kougar said...

Spring may be delayed, but will return quickly...

Pat C. said...

I hope so. Last week we were in the 70s and 80s. Now parts of PA are supposed to get snow. It's been one nutty year weatherwise, and it's only April.

ARES!!!!! God, he was so sexy. Loved him on Xena. Sadly, I heard the actor passed away some years ago. Wonder what else he was in?

Savanna Kougar said...

Yes, Kevin Smith passed away years ago. Sadly. Likely if you do a search on Kevin Smith - actor, it will pull up his other roles. He lived in New Zealand as I understand it.

And, yep, absolutely adored him and his bad boy sexiness in Xena and Hercules.