Monday, February 27, 2012

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ February 27, 2012

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #182

Kindness as a new way of being emerges for many of us. This is a new level of kindness direct from the now-expanding heart center of human beings.

On a personal level, this means you have more of an opportunity to give and receive kindness. This will be with your loved ones, your family and friends... and with those who are called strangers.

However! Kindness should only be offered to those who truly deserve it, not to simply everyone who happens to cross your path. This is important, and discernment is everything. For, there are those who will eagerly abuse anyone who offers them any manner of kindness.

In opposition to this heart-kindness, the 'dark side' will bring forth, and showcase on the world stage, more acts of horrific cruelty. At this time, these increased acts of brutality will be used as a 'fear factor' to control people, and simultaneously will be proclaimed as necessary by the establishment. This includes, of course, the whole Madison Fifth Avenue move to sell AUSTERITY as something good, rather than what it is, a way to enslave us all.

As a way to intentionally damage the psyche of humanity, 'brutality' will not only be sold as good by the soulless ones -- especially through the popular mythos -- but, THEY will initiate a worldwide campaign of condemnation against what 'they' label as violence.

The strategy of both praising and condemning 'brutality' is a simple case of damned if you do, damned if you don't. This is the schizophrenic mental state 'they' want to create to bring us to our knees, and also use against us.

Their goal is to 'disrupt' the Yin-Yang balance of our natures. In reality, the soulless ones want to destroy the natural masculine side of NATURE, and our very natures as human beings. Included in this strategy is the dark-side's war against the power of women and against 'men as a gender'. Currently our genetics, as a species, are being changed and destroyed by the massive use of endocrine-disrupting chemicals.

This week the demand for freedom rings across the globe. For, the time has come, and the worldwide AWAKENING is here, larger than ever. People are now banding together in their local areas especially, to demand freedom and correct the wrongs being done to them.

Of course, this will mean countermeasures by the bankster gangster crowd. Likely one, or several of their BIG GUNS will be fired against humanity, if not this week, then the beginning of next week.

On the war front, major steps will be taken. However, this is ALL a black-magician's distraction from the REAL steps being taken to control and cull the world population by what has been called the new world order.

On the economic front, all hell, or more hell is breaking loose. Like a series of colossal glaciers ripping free from the Arctic, the economy will keep falling this week despite the 'sunny days are here' analysis given to the public, which is all lies.

On the land changes front, worldwide there will be heightened activity of volcanoes, earthquakes and periods of catastrophic weather for the next several months. Beware and prepare.

Trendwise, it will be all about preparing for the domino-falling economy by those in the know as opposed those who aren't in the know. While currently 'let's look at the celebrities and sports' is entertaining to some, the real action will be about securing a good place for you and your loved ones. And, that is where the new-economy opportunities are, and will be from this point forward.

A resurgence of love as in 'let's fall in love' will be in the air this week. Enjoy it.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Savanna Kougar
~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Savanna Kougar said...

Enjoy the sweetness of this week...

Pat C. said...

I understand PayPal has now gone after Smashwords. Is this part of the Conglomerate's efforts to slowly erode our choices?

I wish I knew more about business and finance. This is an excellent time for some enterprising (and out-of-work) entrepreneur to launch an alternative to PayPal, or for those that already exist to go on the attack. I think PP's (how appropriate) days may be numbered.

Savanna Kougar said...

Okay, not really liking this all-white new design!!!!! on Blogger. Yuck!

Anyhoo, yes, Paypal has gone after ARe and Smashwords, and other venues as I understand it.

I read Mark Coker of Smashwords' statement on the Indie loop. Basically, he's cooperating out of protest due to censorship issues. This is because their operational platform is tied into Paypal. I hope he's biding his time and looking for another finance broker. There are others out there, just not with PP's success rate. Yet.

However, if PP keeps this up, which likely they will after taking the pressure off for a time, PP is going to lose the goodwill of lots of businesses and customers. PP has a habit of claiming some infraction and stealing the funds in an account. So, there goes my thought of using them for my future plans. Won't do it now!

ARe is making changes, making a distinction between Erotica and Erotic Romance -- fine with me because they should just for readers. So far, Santa Baby is okay and available on their site. I haven't heard from SW and Mark said they would contact if they were going to remove your book... so???

Of course, nothing in Santa Baby falls under the 'current' taboos. But ya never know, since Bookstrand pulled the rug out from under us, those of us who had done nothing wrong.

Yeah, it could be a cash cow for someone with the know-how. Problem is, it's VISA/MC driving PP to bring the hammer down. They claim it's because of the content. HOWEVER, VISA/MC get like $5,000 upfront from porno and such sites, just so these sites are allowed to use their credit card system. So, really, it looks like a mafia move to take over the ebook sex biz and make everyone pay through the nose.

Pat C. said...

Interesting theory, especially since the "objectionable content" complaint only seems to apply to the erotica and romance genres. Mainstream and literary books with the same content haven't been targeted. Or is PayPal waiting to see how this "trial run" goes?

I didn't realize Smashwords was so tied to PP. Is that the only way they pay indie authors? I haven't done any self-pubbing yet, but I'm working my way up to it. I'd hate to lose out on a market because they can't pay me.

Didn't mean to hijack your blog, but PP's actions seem to fall in line with things you've been warning us about.

Savanna Kougar said...

Hijack away... it is part of the overall 'crap' going on.

Yeah, that's the thing. If it's literary, oh no! problem *so far*... have all the rape, incest and bestiality you want...

I haven't made enough sales through Smashwords yet to know for certain. And I can't recall at the moment what payment info I gave them, other than what they required. However, they do pay authors by PP, and you can, of course, purchase through PP.

PP and Amazon are competitors at this point. However, Amazon won't let their payment system be used for hardcore erotica, at least, that's what they told this one gal on the Indie loop, who of course wasn't selling that, but if you say 'erotica' to Amazon, it won't go through as legitimate on their payment system.

I did get a payment from ARe through PP. However, that was before all the brouhaha started. At this point, like I said ARe seems to be okay. And, they have Omnilit for books that aren't romance.

Yeah, I'd let everything settle out a bit before jumping in the Smashword waters. But then, you can go with Amazon at this point.

I did find out from the Indie loop that there is an ebook vendor... I think it's No Boundaries... who will take any 'erotica' and they don't use PP, but another payment system.