Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanks Giving

So this doesn’t end up sounding like an Oscar acceptance speech, I’m going to limit my list to the writing-related things I’m thankful for. Such as:

The Muhlenberg Township School District, who held a typing class as part of their summer school program. They opened up a whole new world of speed to me. I could now write as fast as all eight fingers and both thumbs could type. I suspect I used to get better grades because I typed my term papers. Less eyestrain for teacher, more points for me.

Steve Jobs and everyone else involved in the creation of the personal computer. Back around 1990 I bought my first PC and laser printer and never once looked back. No more whiteout, retyping drafts, endless Xeroxing manuscripts or carbon paper smears on my hands. The actual writing didn’t get any easier, but editing, formatting and printing reams of final copy just became a snap. My first drafts are all or mostly longhand, but subsequent drafts are always typed on computer. I’m writing this blog on the laptop right now. Where’s the one that plugs into your head and prints your thoughts directly on the screen? Invent that one next!

Al Gore, or whoever really “invented” the Internet. No more lugging bulky packages to the post office! Hit a couple buttons and an entire novel goes zipping off to the publisher. Except when the system crashes and you lose a month’s work, but I’m trying to stay thankful here.

The global economy, which got me laid off the last time it took a nosedive, and ageism, which is making it difficult for me to find replacement work. Between the two of them, I now have plenty of time to write. I really should be doing that instead of playing Spider Solitaire or cruising fanfic sites.

The readers, who plunk down their hard-earned bucks for my imaginings. You folks get the biggest thanks of all. I’m going to work harder on my end to create the most entertaining books I can, so you’ll be thankful you bought them. Happy Turkey Day, everybody!


Savanna Kougar said...

Pat, yep, I am thankful for every single reader who purchases my books!!!

I absolutely adore that Klingon Turkey cartoon. It should be animated into a series.

Pat C. said...

Happy Thanksgiving from the Dunkin Donuts out by the turnpike! One more thing to be thankful for: fast food joints with free Wifi.

Savanna Kougar said...

Wow, shows what I 'don't' know. I'm not near a Dunkin Donuts, or any fast food joint. But what a costumer draw.