Monday, October 3, 2011

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ October 3, 2011

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #161

For the following week, a strange chaos of events is likely to occur across the planet. This will be in the political and social arena, involve the war theaters -- and also include UFO sightings, and related paranormal experiences.

As well, there are stranger and stranger events on the horizon. For, what has been called paranormal phenomena has arrived full force, and will infiltrate what has been called ‘reality’ by modern-day western culture.

The major theme for this week is everything ECONOMIC. Once again, this will have two main faces, but many differing aspects. With the rise of the renegade as part of the AWAKENING, all forms of corruption and enslavement will be challenged.

At the same time, the brutal money monopoly that has been placed over humanity, worldwide, is being tightened, and a militaristic regime is being introduced incrementally. Any manner of catastrophe, natural or not, will be used as an excuse to implement this ‘papers, please’ regime.

There is an interesting dichotomy occurring at this moment in history. Fear as the great controller of populations is being used and heightened to the ‘nth’ degree by the corrupt powers that be. Simultaneously, FEAR is losing it’s grip on many who see through the constant, intense manipulation. Thus, ‘fear’ is now fueling a great opposition against those who wield it like a horrific weapon.

On a personal level this week, and for the month of October, know action-packed days are likely ahead. This means much can and will be accomplished. However, you must seek times of rest or risk becoming burned out. This month is also a wonderful period of time to establish enduring relationships.

From this point forward, the Aquarian desire for true freedom and the ancient ‘magick’ of Arthurian legend, will join hands. This will be for the purpose of liberating humanity, and bringing forth the divine race. That is, our highest selves now emerge, and we become who we truly are spiritually.

Trendwise, love is in the autumn air. Now is the perfect time to enjoy all aspects of love. Also, romantic love is taking on a new life -- leaping to a higher level of expression. This is because a new vision is emerging, one that is being reflected in romance novels, and other creative, artistic endeavors.

It becomes more and more important to watch your backside, and to watch over those you care the most for -- all the ‘beloveds’ in your life.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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