Monday, March 15, 2010

The Magic of a Spring Fairy

The magic of a spring fairy... if you enjoy taking a nature walk, rambling about outside, especially in the wilder areas... if you spend time gardening... you may catch a glimpse. Out of the corner of your eye, that tiny flash of movement, yes, the fae or the fairies are wanting your attention.
Or, you may be one of those lucky souls who can see the fairy folk. The fae take care of all the plants, each and every one. Oh, how I wish I’d the opportunity to grow up in the traditions and knowledge of my Celtic heritage.
I miss those ways, without even knowing exactly what the old knowledge is... but, it’s deep in my soul, and always whispering to me.
I think that’s one of the valuable messages of St. Patrick’s day, beyond all the beer, the wonderful fun parades and all the celebration hoopla... it’s a reminder of what we’ve lost and need to regain, if we are to be whole and know the whole of the world we live in.

May the winds blow for you and not against you. May the luck of the Irish be yours throughout the year. And may you know the blessings you most desire.

Savanna Kougar ~

Here’s my newly penned Spring Fairy Flash ~

Khryn’s Golden Unicorn

Khryn watched the golden unicorn appear in Spring’s flowering meadow, arriving from the Mist Realm. Excitement and hope flapped her lacy crystalline wings rapidly, yet with complete silence. She crept around the Walnut tree’s trunk, peering more closely at the glorious beast, who grazed on the violets. If only she could move without detection for long enough, his gleaming golden back would be hers for as long as she wished to ride him. Well aware of how keen the unicorn’s senses were, Khryn dashed for the berry thicket, her speed like a breeze’s song. From bloom to leaf, she fluttered.

Her tiny form hidden by a cluster of daisy leaves, Khryn peeked out. Directly ahead, the unicorn’s beautiful sun-kissed tail swished with contentment. Her heart quickened it’s throb in celebration. She was close enough to wing astride him. Pausing, Khryn spider-webbed her senses seeking out the stallion unicorn’s mood. Uh-oh, he’d felt her mental scan. On impulse, determined, she flapped furiously soaring for his back as he raised his head, preparing to run. Flying with all her might, Khryn focused on fist-seizing his shimmering mane. Her legs settled on his back as he launched into a gallop. She clung, ecstatic.


Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #80

For this week prepare for the arrival of Spring, notice the new green growth, the brightness of the colors as the sun shows us his face, more and more. Now is the time to ignore the dark forces that will be craving your attention. No, don’t play the ostrich. Be aware of how the dark forces manifest on the world stage, but simply go about your business. Go about accomplishing those things that will make your life more enjoyable, for both you and all of your loved ones.
Bring forth the plans that will best serve you this Spring. Birth them from your soul, your divinity and your heart. Now is the time. All of life is smiling upon you and it’s that time when the wearin’ of the green is, indeed, magical.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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