Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Welcome Chris Winters!

When we were in Pittsburgh in April for the Romantic Times Convention, some of us had the pleasure of meeting Chris Winters, Mr. Romance 2008. Chris is more than a handsome face and yummy body, he’s a lovely guy with a great sense of humor. Today we’re delighted to have Chris visiting us on Title Magic to answer our questions to give us a little insight into what makes him tick!

Q:In many people’s minds, models are like superheroes—super perfect and a little unreal. If you could be one of the well known superheroes from film or fiction which would you choose and why?

CW:Neo, from the Matrix. Because, although He was the One to many, he believed he was not, and asked a lot of questions based on his own experiences. He had many powers that came to be just by believing and faith. Neo had lived by theories and those theories were challenged by the levels of challenges he faced. Each challenge was different and puzzling, but Neo, through faith, had an answer towards an experience.

Q:Which superhero or villain would you rather not meet in a dark alley?

CW:I typically do not frequent dark alleys, but if I did, I would say DarkSeid. He's a fictional super villain. His powers are stamina, intellect, speed, and a few powers! It used to be myself, because when it's quiet and you are alone, your mind likes to do it's best to totally mess with you! (laughs)

Q:Which superhero woman would you like to meet and why?

CW:Wonder Woman! Point blank! Golden Truth rope? Hot legs, and a take control type gal? She's hot and always been a fantasy of mine.

Q:In an ideal world, what will you be doing in five years time?

CW:Good question! It's hard to say, actually, due to the many things that intervene my life, or the people I meet. So prognosticating my future would be a bit arduous, however, I plan on doing more television film work. I have goals, and to accomplish those goals, I accomplish objectives. I always tend to accomplish most of them because I am so determined. I hate given into failure, although I experience plenty of it. It’s my mindful stamina that keeps me going.

Q:What’s been the most romantic moment in your life? (That we can print!)

CW:The most romantic part of my experiences, I would say, is after sex you press your bodies together, right before sleeping. It’s the binding when two people hold each other and the way the skin feels. I love that feeling and I love to touch! So even after sex, holding each other, I typically rub her skin. Her legs. The small of her back. Her hair. I love to place small kisses on the back of her neck. Touching is very important! Holding a person is endless time passion.

Q:What’s your definition of romance?

CW:My definition of romance is the simple little things in life. Most think it's candle light dinners, a one day valentine's day perhaps. I say romance is a physical, mental entity. A simple caress of one's face. Just turning around and looking at them, and then having them catch you doing it. The flush of her feelings tides over, and she knows that I desire her. Perhaps, me opening the door for her, which I usually do. That's ANY door!

I also feel another important aspect is, when you come into a room full of people, you want to make your person feel important, or wanted. For example, I will tell the waiter to flirt with my woman, just to have her know she is attractive. I like it when she feels sexy, just by me showing or telling her. IT turns me on to know the guys in the room think my gal is attractive. To me, getting a person to KNOW they are
important as opposed to having them THINK they are important is romantic. It’s just the simple things.

Q:I know you’re writing a book. What’s it about?

CW:Oh, it's totally different from the romantic scene, full front. However, I will have some romance in it. It’s more of a science fiction type thing. I want to share my story concept by including my concept treatment passage:

Invisible War is a story that depicts human suffering and survival towards the destiny of human destruction. In essence, every object that exists has a continuous invisible war or conflict. The main character in the story is struggling to find himself, in addition, to stopping the person who has become the Redeemer of the world. This Redeemer is nothing but the Influencer of many, who ultimately wants the human race controlled, contained, and ultimately destroyed. During all this conflict, many factions are playing against each other in a power struggle for land,
water, and religious control. These factions believe that they will be ‘the one’ that will up rise and bring stability and law to Earth, when in the end, they were just a controlled force to destroy the other in attempt for total destruction.

In the time of The Coming, of the Ends Of Earth, humans will consistently build and re-build, hoping that peace and structure will enter their lives. The followers of many shall flock to the powers that be and in hopes that a structured society will prevail, only to find that their destiny lies within their own paths, and influenced by the destiny of others.

Invisible War is a story that opens the mind of questions. It is a story of compassion and determination. It is a story of mind psyche in which will help liberate the mind into knowing that the events of reality are separate from the events from the mind. Our bodies are the transport, and our minds are the tool to get us to our destiny…
…to our end.

Q:What’s your favorite part of writing? And your least favorite part?

CW:My favorite part is designing the world, technology and the entity existence. It’s the theories, the laws, and the characters who have little things that describe themselves in and the contributions to the story. The least favorite part, I would say. Getting mind blocks. Time would be factors as well. I hate when I am working on something, and I have 5 million other things interfere. Another problem is English. I am so horrible at it. (Laughs)

Q:When you write, do you wait for inspiration or write every day no matter what?

Inspiration has already been defined by the mind that already inspired itself. One cannot write just to write, unless they want to write documentation. One must write because it is something the mind takes in, and creates a world from the world you already created. Once you have the reader 'see' what you 'see', that inspiration has already spawned into them.

Q:I know you also do some acting. If you could have played any existing role in any movie what would it have been and why?

CW:I would like to play a person who would be going through a life termination illness. The research, the role, the character, and the struggle alone would be gripping. I could imagine how a person would go through something like that. Playing a villain is predictable, as well a hero. Playing a person's struggle isn't.

Q:What’s your favorite vacation spot and why?

CW:My favorite vacation spot that I like are places where I feel as if I am not near home. It could be places where I close my eyes and feel as if I am no longer worrying about everyday life. Vacation has many different meanings, but to me, spending money and lavish lifestyles aren’t vacation. Vacation would be where you could go, and feel as if you were a child again, playing, freely as if life with laughing along with you.

Q:Who’s your favorite Flintstone, Wilma or Betty?

CW:GOOD question. I kinda like the woman who takes charge like Wilma. Domination is really fun! However most women love dot be dominated, and I love it too. So I would have to say.... Betty! I love dark hair! Something about that gal. I think it is the quiet submissive type. You know, she's probably a little freak in bed. That's hot! (laughs).

Q:Oh, and final question from Savanna—do you like redheads, a redhead that purrs like a sex kitten and has a temper like Maureen O'Hara in the John Wayne films?

CW:I have to tell you this: Red heads, especially who have that auburn hair, those sexy blue eyes, and who look at you precisely like a cat, is very sexy. Tempers are hot, only when fighting in bed. A purring kitty is always nice.... Especially when she lies in my lap, as I pet her... Just like a good lil' kitty.

.:Chris Winters:.


Helen Scott Taylor said...

Chris, thanks for answering our questions. Great to have you with us on Title Magic today!

Mona Risk said...

Hello, Chris. It's nice to see you post on the Title Magic. I have nice pictures with you and Jimi. Good luck with your many projects.

Anitra Lynn McLeod said...

Great interview! A guy with looks and brains--what a sexy combination!

Thanks so much for stopping by Title Magic today. :)

Savanna Kougar said...

Helen, thanks for asking that last question!

Chris, there is so much in your blog that is thought-provoking. And since Wonder Woman is your fantasy, I'll forget my Redhead question. However, as a woman I luv your answer.

Regarding your current WIP, are you coming from what some would call the Anti-Christ?
One reason I ask, is pure curiosity. The other reason I ask is because my 2012 futuristic, When a Good Angel Falls, coming out from BookStrand (when I can get to the edits) -- deals with similar themes, only the romance is front and center, of course.

You are such a fascinating person, it would be just lovely to talk with you.

Jeanne said...

very enjoyable interview and always nice to know that good looks also go with a good mind!
And love your ideal love scene: touch is so important!

Jeanne said...

BTW, if you're interested in another interesting guy, I've got a paranormal investigator over at my blog today!

Trish Milburn said...

Hi, Chris. Thanks for being our guest today. Have any interesting opportunities come your way since being named Mr. Romance this year?

Your book sounds interesting. Good luck with it.

Savannah Chase said...

great interview Chris, I can't wait to read that book when you are done....

Lynnsplanet said...

Wow - can I shimmy up to the bar and buy him another drink?

That photo is hot! The eyes, the expression - I don't want to behave myself.

oop - I almost forgot to read the interview. lol

Love your definition of romance - so right on, Chris.


Evonne Wareham said...

Hello Chris
Thanks for being here. The contest at RT in Pittsburgh was a fantastic event. I'm wondering how life has changed for you, since your win?

Savanna Kougar said...

Bekki, I so know what you're saying! You just expressed it a whole heck of a lot better!

Had to delete. Blogger can't keep up with my typing.

Lexie O'Neill said...

Thanks for blogging with us--and I know I'm late as usual! My summer class is over and I'm free at last!
I take it you're single because my husband is most romantic to me when he does the dishes:)

Jennifer McKenzie said...

Oh it's nice to hear more about your book. You mentioned it when you chatted with Whiskey Creek/Torrid a couple of months ago and I've been curious.
I absolutely love your photos and the fact that you're a sweetie is just icing on the cake.
Awesome interview.

April Martinez said...

Good God. A good-looking guy that not only uses words like intervene and prognosticating but pens complex and almost philosophical stories with extensive world-building. Nice surprise! Thanks for the link, Savanna.

Savanna Kougar said...

April, you're so welcome and I so agree with you!

Mel Hiers said...

I'm late as usual, but thanks for the great interview, Chris!

World building is one of my favorite parts of writing as well. Your book sounds really interesting!