Monday, December 31, 2007

The New Year Cometh

And another Title IV finalist is signing in--I hope! This is officially the first blog entry I've posted--anywhere, anytime. Hopefully, I'm doing it right...

I'm Lexie O'Neill, a writer living not far from Charleston, South Carolina, but raised on top of a mountain in the backwoods of Virginia. In fact, I'm staying with my sister right now and looking up at Tinker Mountain as I struggle to find just the right words. Yesterday, twin fawns munched grass in her front yard and not long before that, a black bear destroyed yet another bird feeder. It's a different world.

Maybe that's why I write about different worlds. My entry in this contest, Backwoods Invader, was about an alien prince crashing in these mountains and having to deal with the rednecks--including one Delaney Harris who'd rather not deal with another strong man.

The manuscript I'm starting to send out is called The Eddy Complex. It's a medieval version of The Oedipus Complex, only twisted (as if the original wasn't strange enough). There are fat fairies and cruel unicorns and predictions which may or may not come true.

Now, I'm waffling between working on The Lion's Den, a total departure in that it's a contemporary about a church secretary who just happens to fall for the guy who's inherited the local strip joint. Or The Electra, a follow-up to the Eddy Complex, in that it's a new version of a greek myth. In The Electra, I plan on writing about a princess whose parents are estranged and her father loves her more than anything, and attempts to prevent her from meeting any suitable suitors. As if that will work! OR I might do a follow up to Backwoods, in which the feisty middle sister meets the younger son who has been deposed, called Backwoods B----.

So what will I write about in future blogs? If you're interested, I plan on writing about my writing and writing in general. I also hope to throw in what my chapter of RWA is doing--shameless promotion for everybody!

Before I go, thanks to all the other finalists who have posted before me--and the guest bloggers--so far and to come! Have a Wonderful New Year!!!!!!!!!!!


Savanna Kougar said...

Happy New Year, Lexie! This is my up-way-past-my-bedtime comment. Your stories sound wonderful. I'll look forward to learning more as you go. I'll have to seriously gird my loins over a mean unicorn though. How lovely to be in the backwoods with nature, the fawns and the bears. I think being close to nature is one of the best gifts you can enjoy these days. I think I've gone through about five large yawns now. Signing off.

Nancy said...

Hey, Lexie, I loved learning a bit about you and your projects, and your home sounds so peaceful!

Congratulations on a lovely first blog, and here's to the ones coming announcing all your sales. Yours and all of you Title runners!

Nancy Haddock

Lexie O'Neill said...

Nancy and Savanna,
Thank you for responding! Hope
you're right about the sales! Happy New Year!

Mel Hiers said...

Hiya Lexie! Your novel ideas sound really interesting. I like the way you included myth/psychological concepts with Eddy and Electra. I'm looking forward to reading more! :-)

Helen Scott Taylor said...

Lexie, a black bear after the bird feeder! My husband would be ecstatic. We only have grey squirrels feeding on ours--and lots of birds of course.

Lexie O'Neill said...

I'm home now, so now we can switch alligators for bear, even though, to be honest, the alligators don't come too close to the house--thank the Lord. Just to make sure your husband's not too jealous, the black bear actually took down a feeder right outside my seven-year old niece's window. Scary.
Take care!